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Togetherness Time On ‘Better with You’ Set for Jennifer Finnigan, Jonathan Silverman

Jake Lacy, Joanna Garcia, Debra Jo Rupp, Jennifer Finnigan, Kurt Fuller, Josh Cooke ABC photo by Bob D'Amico

Don’t be surprised if Jonathan Silverman turns up on ABC’s “Better with You” as a guest star, possibly even for a guest arc, according to show star Jennifer Finnigan — a.k.a. Mrs. Silverman.

“I could definitely see him doing a few episodes of the show, but I’m not sure when.  Everyone would love that,” she adds, “Everyone knows what a good comedic actor he is.”

The star of “Weekend at Bernie’s” and “The Single Guy” fame is a familiar face around the “Better with You” set.  “He’s incredibly supportive.  He’s here every week on tape night.  He’ll sit in my dressing room and watch on the monitor, hang out, ask if I’d like water, get me food,” Jennifer reports.  “It’s an amazing thing.  I think he’s more excited about my successes than I am.”

The “Better With You” Team is in a celebratory mood this week, as the show just received a full season pickup of 22 episodes.  Though the good news didn’t come as a surprise — what with the series, sandwiched between “The Middle” and “Modern Family” earning strong ratings since its debut — but “It’s always nice to make it official. We were so excited,” says Jennifer.

She and Josh Cooke play a couple who have been in a committed relationship for nine years and live together, but aren’t married, in the relationships comedy.  According to Jennifer, a November sweeps flashback episode will provide viewers with reasons why their characters remain unwed.
She admits that she does identify with her slow-to-decide character, Maddie, in some ways.

“I do!  I think she definitely thinks things through to the point of over-thinking and over-analyzing.  I was engaged for three years before we decided to make it official and get married.  I take that very seriously and think things through to the utmost.  I can be pretty neurotic.  On the other hand, Johnny proposed to me six months in, so we got going pretty fast”
When they did finally decide to wed, in 2007, they did so in a small, intimate ceremony on the island of Mykonos.  “It was perfect.  There were only 14 of us there,” she says.  “Johnny and I are adventurers, we love to travel and see the world.  We’re best friends.”