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Will J.Lo’s New Memoir Land Among Memorable Celebrity Tell-Alls? Probably Not

Jennifer Lopez book coverCelebrity watchers now know that Jennifer Lopez has felt abused “mentally, emotionally, verbally” in past relationships — thanks to that snippet from her “True Love” memoir going viral in the media.

Released this week, Lopez’ book purportedly “sets the record straight” on her already highly chronicled marriages and romances. When you get right down to it, however, this is not a book of shocking revelations, but introspection — in a pop music diva kind of way — as J.Lo lets us know that, via therapy, she has realized passion is not love. These days, instead of men the likes of Ben Affleck and P. Diddy showering her with rare diamonds, trips to Europe and expensive cars, she writes that she wants a love who’ll give her time, kindness, honesty and faithfulness.

Indeed, evidently third husband Marc Anthony even got to have a look at the book prior to publication.

In the realm of celebrity tell-alls, it’s pretty non-combustible stuff. Recent years have seen a parade of shocking revelations — along with oddball moments, feuds, high living and bitchy remarks — flipping by us in the pages of books. When it comes to unforgettably revealing show business memoirs, it’s a cinch the following Top 10 Tell-Alls will be remembered after Lopez’ book fades.

1. Drew Barrymore revealed shocking facts behind her adorable child star image in her unflinching 1990 book, “Little Girl Lost.” Abandoned by her alcoholic father, saddled with a mother who didn’t act like one, at 7, the ‘ET’ cutie felt she was expected to behave like a 29-year-old. At 9 she was smoking and boozing, at 10 she was smoking pot, and by 12 she was on cocaine. She co-wrote the best-selling ‘Little Girl Lost’ at the older and wiser age of 14.

2. If “Little Girl Lost” isn’t enough to convince readers that it’s hard growing up a child star who is part of an acting dynasty plagued by substance abuse problems, then Tatum O’Neal’s “A Paper Life” will do the trick. In it, she says, among many other things, that her father, Ryan O’Neal, seethed with jealousy over her acclaim for their “Paper Moon” film, that he punched her in the face when he learned of her Academy Award nomination, and that on Oscar night when she was the youngest winner in history, neither of her parents attended the ceremony. Her mother, Joanna Moore, was a hopeless addict and the family was riddled with drug abuse.

3. And then there’s Corey Feldman’s 2013 “Coreyography” that alleged that he and his late friend Corey Haim were both victims of sex abuse by older men who preyed on young boys in Hollywood. He also wrote of his drug addiction and what it was like to hang out with pal Michael Jackson — who was NOT one of the predators — at the height of his fame.

4. Rob Lowe’s “Stories I Only Tell My Friends” and “Love Life” memoirs dish the Lowe down on his wild Brat Pack days, romances with Melissa Gilbert and Princess Stephanie among many others, the infamous 1988 sex tape, his realization in 1990 that he was an alcoholic, rehab, run-ins with other celebrities and more.

5. Tori Spelling made dishing on herself, her randy “Beverly Hills, 90210” cast mates, and — especially — the extravagant luxury and strangeness of the Aaron and Candy Spelling household into irresistible reading in her 2008 No. 1 best-seller, “sTORI Telling.” Her late super producer dad had snow trucked in to their mansion’s tennis courts as a Christmas morning surprise. Her mother dressed her up in adult costumes — complete with fake breasts and hip enhancements sewn inside — when she was 5 years old and never seemed to fully approve of her. Tori spilled more dirt on her relationship with mom in 2009’s “Mommywood.” Subsequent books including last year’s “Spelling it Like it Is,” prove Tori is the queen of TMI.

6. Mackenzie Phillips’ “High On Arrival” stunned the world with its allegation that she’d had an incestuous relationship for 10 years with her late father, John Phillips of The Mamas and the Papas fame. Her former stepmother, Michelle, is among those who denied and pointed to Mackenzie’s long history of drug abuse — but Mackenzie has been embraced by survivors of incest groups.

7. With his 1993 autobiography and tons of tabloid tales, we already knew a lot of dirt about ’50s and ’60s matinee idol Tony Curtis — his sexual conquests, drug use, adultery, the fact he snorted cocaine with daughter Jamie Lee Curtis when she was a young adult. So what could be left to shock the public by 2009? In his “Some Like it Hot: My Memories of Marilyn Monroe and the Making of the Classic Movie” the late star claimed he and Marilyn Monroe were lovers and she miscarried their baby. He writes, “When I was in bed with Marilyn, I was never sure, before, during or after, where her mind was. She was an actress. She could play a part. She could give the part what she thought a man wanted. I never asked for more.” And here everyone thought they didn’t get along.

8. Perennially breezy and charming George Hamilton joined the tell-all ranks with his “Don’t Mind if I Do” memoir, in which he disclosed that he lost his virginity at age 12, to his stepmother. Ew. Also, George dished on relationships with Mamie Van Doren, Judy Garland, Danielle Steel and — her again — Marilyn Monroe. They had a date but didn’t hit it off.

9. If you’re into sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, you’re bound to find Keith Richards’ 2010 “Life” riveting. Reading like an uncensored evening with the legendary guitarist, “Life” wends its way through tales of drug use and affairs that make it even more unbelievable Richards is still alive. This is the book that made Mick Jagger miffed at his Rolling Stones band mate for referring to him as “unbearable” and suggesting he lacked in male endowment — which Richards later said he regretted writing.

10. “Mommie Dearest.” The one that started it all. Christina Crawford’s harrowing 1978 expose about her adoptive mother, movie star Joan Crawford, sent shock waves through Hollywood, spawned a movie with Faye Dunaway and countless send-ups on shows from “Saturday Night Live” to “Project Runway” — and was at least partly responsible for a spate of celebrity tell-alls that followed. (Among them: texts by the daughter of Bette Davis and by one of Bing Crosby’s sons.)

The book alleges: Crawford insisted upon Christina and her siblings addressing her as Mommie Dearest. She had alcoholic rages and attacked Christina physically many times — including once trying to strangle her and the infamous episode wherein Crawford exploded over finding wire hangers instead of covered or wooden hangers in Christina’s closet. She was germ phobic, compulsive. She made the children refer to her many lovers as “uncle'” or “daddy.”

Pundits today conjecture that she may have been bipolar or have had borderline personality disorder. Whatever the case, Christina certainly made good on her vow that Joan would not have the last word by leaving her out of her will.


idol panelInteresting how reports that “American Idol” was considering a judge change mid-season — with replacements for both Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj — have surfaced just as the May 16 finale of “Idol” nears.  Let’s face it, the purported diva feud between the icon and the upstart is the most interesting thing about “Idol” this year.  It’s so interesting, former judge Steven Tyler publicly doubted its authenticity.  “Of course — are you kidding?!” he said, when asked if he thought the cat fight was more publicity ploy than organic venomous hostility.

Well, we see his point, but we’re thinking the organic venomous hostility is probably valid.  To recap:  Reports of friction between Mariah and Nicki date back to 2010, when the two were paired in their “Up Out My Face” music video and Minaj was said to have disrespected the superstar, whom she has dubbed “her $#@ing highness.” Exciting video of the two tangling over an “Idol” contestant went viral last fall.

When Nicki complained about Mariah and Randy Jackson making comments about pop musicians, Mariah snapped back with “I’m sorry, it’s just that that’s what I do, Nicki.  So when I’m making comments, I’m trying to help her, as opposed to just talk about her outfit.”

“Let me continue to speak,” Nicki said, to which Mariah responded, “Of course, you always do. Go ahead.”

The exchange got hotter, ending when Minaj tossed her seat behind her and cried “…Maybe I should just get off the $#@!ing panel!…” and Carey sniped back, “That was my move … I was gonna do that the next time she bagged on me.”  And Minaj stormed off the set in a cloud of explitives.

Carey later told Barbara Walters on “The View” that Minaj had made a comment that she’d have shot the $#@! if she’d had a gun.  She hired extra security.  Minaj pointed out on Twitter that no cameras or microphones caught her supposed gun comment — “say no to violence.”

So the idea was to bring back popular judge Jennifer Lopez?  When it comes to pop diva cat fights, J.Lo knows how to deal. Consider her on-again, off-again tiff with Madonna, which dates back to a 1998 Movieline interview.  Lopez soundly dissed Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Winona Ryder, and Salma Hayek.  She called herself a better actress than Madge:  “Do I think she’s a great actress? No. Acting is what I do.”

Madonna got back at Lopez at Donatella Versace’s millennial New Year’s Eve dinner party in Miami. Reportedly, Lopez was shunned by the Material Mom and her posse, which included gal pal Gwyneth Paltrow. Lopez arrived an hour and a half late at the South Beach mansion. As Versace got up to greet Lopez, Madonna purportedly announced, “Dinner’s over now.” Her entourage followed her as she left the room.

More recently, of course, Madonna’s been feuding with Lady Gaga, whom she has accused of excessive emulation, shall we say, calling Gaga’s “Born This Way” “reductive” of her own “Express Yourself” 80’s song.  She performed a mash-up of her and Gaga’s hits in Tel Aviv last year to make her point.  Then Elton John jumped into the mix, complaining on an Australian TV show about Madonna’s “horrible” treatment of Gaga — and adding that Madonna’s career is over and that she looks like a “fairground stripper.”

Now, there’s a guy who knows how to do a verbal slice.

Not that Elton hasn’t been sliced himself.  For instance, there’s his dog fight with fellow rockasaurus Rod Stewart.  Rod unloaded on several of his peers in Britain’s Radio Times magazine a few years back. He called Elton “Sharon” and said he should “lose some timber.”

Rod also complained that he’d been unfairly criticized for dating a younger woman, especially when nobody criticized Paul McCartney for marrying a woman half his age. The difference, he reportedly said, was that McCartney got a knighthood. “I don’t know why I haven’t got any honor. I do my bit for charity.”

He also complained that he’d been passed over for Grammys in favor of Sting. Said Rod, “The sun shines out his arse…Mr. Serious who helps the Indians.”

A few days later, Sting fired back, “I think he deserves [a Grammy], I really do. I’m thinking of sending him one of mine.”

Yep, Steven Tyler is right about the attention-grabbing value of pop stars sniping at each other.  He’s in the mix himself, after all.  Recall he criticized Minaj’s judging ability, saying “If it was Bob Dylan, Nicki Minaj would have had him sent to the cornfield! Whereas, if it was Bob Dylan with us, we would have brought the best of him out, as we did with Phillip Phillips.”

Of course, her answer was to accuse him of racism.  Huh?

She responded on Twitter: “That’s a racist comment. You assume that I wouldn’t have liked Bob Dylan??? why? black? rapper? what?”

Tyler then went on a Canadian talk show and apologized, and added that “I am the last thing on this planet as far as being a racist. I don’t know where she got that out of me saying I’m not sure how she would’ve judged Bob Dylan.”

No word on all this from Bob Dylan.  Yet.


The Recession is Over — at Least, Unabashed Conspicuous Consumption Among Celebs is Roaring Again



Jennifer Lopez’ dust-up with the Indian Premier League doesn’t surprise those who’ve followed the singer’s career as a diva; she knows how to demand. Last month she was dropped from performing before tens of millions of viewers during the massive IPL opening ceremonies event due to her excessive must-haves list — or she had to bow out because of a scheduling conflict, depending upon whom you believe.

Reports have it that organizers balked over her manager’s insistence that they provide Jenny from the Block with a private plane and pay for hotel rooms for her extensive entourage, including stylists and a personal chef.

Let’s just say it fits the profile.

Lopez’ bratty superstar escapades go way back. We recall a little over a decade ago, when she decided to move from one London hotel to another some 100 yards away. Instead of walking the distance, she and her entourage of about 30 piled into six limousines for the journey! Another time, she insisted that a retail area in Sundance be cleared so that she would not be eyeballed by outsiders while shopping. She’s pulled the same thing at other stores, such as Barneys New York.

Her infamous rider for performance commitments, circa 2002, requires a white room, white flowers, white tables, white drapes and white couches; a trailer that had to be a minimum of 40 feet and contain a “hair sink;” a separate make-up area; plus an additional dressing room, painted white, with white curtains, white furniture, white flowers, white candles and a pile of white linen sheets.

It was reported by Perez Hilton that for the 2010 American Music Awards, she demanded a custom-fitted ferry — complete with faux leather seats, a champagne fridge, and a pair of diamond-encrusted headphones — to usher her from Cannes to Monaco.

But she doesn’t like it when people complain that she’s a diva.

Same with Demi Moore. The actress whose greedy ways earned her the nickname “Gimme Moore” at the height of her fame — she had a particular fondness for demanding private jets for herself and her large entourage — has also recently been in the news for demanding spousal support from her ex, Ashton Kutcher.

There are, to be sure, a range of reasons for unhappy former mates to seek alimony and payment of attorney’s fees. Apparently need is not one of them in this instance.

Perhaps it’s a new gauge for economists to employ: A sure sign the Great Recession is behind us is that stars are back to unapologetic conspicuous consumption, as in Charlie Sheen dropping $25,000 for a Barbie doll foosball table, or Justin Bieber treating himself to such goodies as (according to Yahoo) $1,839 box seats at an Atlanta  Falcons game, a $300,000 chartered yacht ride for two and big boy hot wheels including his approximately $200,000 Ferrari F430.

No one seems to enjoy spending big money more than Beyonce and Jay-Z. His collection of cars includes the $2 million Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport with which Beyonce gifted him on his 41st birthday, plus a Rolls-Royce Phantom, a Ferrari F430 Spider, a Maybach 62S, and a Pagani Zonda. Jay-Z has been known to drop $350,000 at one visit to Hermes for gifts for his wife, and to pony up $250,000 on a few bottles of Armand de Brignac champagne. Of course, the luxurious life of their baby, Blue Ivy, is already the stuff of legend — from her $1 million-a-year basement nursery space filled with toys (to amuse her while daddy and mommy watch the Brooklyn Nets games.) at Barclay’s Center, to her $15,000 Swarovski crystal-studded high chair.

The difference is, they’re paying for their own baubles. In fact, the “Watch the Throne” rapper’s list of backstage necessities, as reported by AP, looks fairly reasonable by comparison, including: one love seat, one large couch, two matching end tables, two 48 cases of Fiji Water (24 cold/24 room temperature), six cans of Coca-Cola, six cans of Red Bull, six bottles of Vitamin Water, one jar of  good quality peanut butter, one jar of good quality grape jelly and one hot tea service for four: hot water kettle, ceramic and disposable cups.

That’s good quality peanut butter, mind you. But it need not be larded with gold.


Katie Holmes, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna — What Their Handbags Say About Them

Kathryn Eisman

“You can perfectly watch the evolution of celebrity for an actress in relation to her handbag.”  So says Aussie style maven and media personality Kathryn Eisman, who claims she has put two years of dedicated study into her unique psychological profiling approach.  For instance:  “Katie Holmes is a perfect example.  She started off looking, well, quite homely on the red carpet — the one-strap shoulder bag girl next door, the bag probably nobody styled.

Katie Holmes

Along comes Tom Cruise and we saw her transformed with an Hermes bag that captured the imagination, the ultimate power player French luxury bag.”  Make that a $40,000 French luxury bag, according to Eisman.  She adds, “Now she’s more the Armani Prive, a little softer, maybe much more in keeping with who she is.

“Jennifer Lopez is another fantastic example,” says Eisman – who’s heading to the States over the weekend for New York and L.A. promotional chores on behalf of her new “How to Tell a Woman by Her Handbag” book next week.  She goes on, “When she was in her Jenny From the Block period, she carried the almost ghetto chic bling bag.  She grew up, and went into the streamlined, structured ladylike elegant bag.  Re-entering the spotlight after the birth of her twins, she went back to a little younger and funkier handbag.”


Rihanna’s choice of purse changed from “sweet, girly, sexy bags to hard, even spiky bags after the Chris Brown incident,” Eisman found.

The pop culture maven does handbag analyses of everyday women in her latest tome, not just those who can afford Hermes.  She’ll be seen on the “Today” show Tuesday (7/6).

Alex O’Loughlin: No Dirt on Jennifer Lopez From Me

Alex O'Loughlin

There are two things you’re not going to hear from hunky Aussie actor Alex O’Loughlin.  One is whether or not he wears a suit and tie as the new Steve McGarrett of CBS’s updated “Hawaii Five-0” series.  The other is anything negative about his “The Backup Plan” leading lady, Jennifer Lopez.

Given that the Friday 4/23)-opening romantic comedy is a big screen Big Break for the former “Moonlight” and “The Shield” actor, and we’re seeing his handsome puss all over billboards and buses, it would be pretty surprising if he dissed La Lopez, who has been notorious for her diva ways in the past.  But he goes so far as to tell us, “It’s surprising to hear it mentioned as much as I have because she was perfect — on set, and off.  It’s difficult to imagine the woman I know and worked with fitting this description.  I found her selfless, always thinking about the people around her.  Professional. A great, hands-on mother as well.  If you’re looking for dirt, you’re not going to find it here.”

O’Loughlin notes that Lopez had her two-year-old boy and girl on the set of the feature, in which she plays a single woman who decides to have a baby via sperm donor, only to fall in love when she is already pregnant.  “I didn’t know her before the twins, so I hesitate to guess, but I would imagine that this is the final element in her life that makes her the woman she was destined to be.  Children are the ultimate definition of who we are as humans, after all,” says the single actor.  “She’s amazing.”

He’s finding his current whirl “surreal” – and admits he gets a bit homesick.  “I feel like I’m always away from my family.  I spend more money on travel than anything else, flying around the world to see the people I love or bringing them to me.  Sometimes I wish I had become a banker or a builder to keep me in one spot.”

If the new “Hawaii Five-0” – for which the pilot has already been completed – does indeed get picked up for fall, he plans to commute between L.A. and the islands.  As for differences between the vintage Jack Lord-starrer and his version, O’Loughlin says, “It’s interesting going back, looking at it now.  The original show is pretty dated.  We’re doing a much more contemporary show.”

And his wardrobe?  “I’m not telling.”

OFF-BALANCE:  “Dancing With the Stars” pro ballroom dancer/choreographer Louis Van Amstel weighs in on the recurring complaint over pitting contestants with dance know-how against raw newcomers.  “I have always defended the dance-trained celebrities,” says Van Amstel, who previously worked with names including Lisa Rinna and Kelly Osbourne, and this season is teamed with funny lady Niecy Nash.  “In the end, they may have the advantage with the judges, but they also have more pressure from the audience because everyone knows their dance backgrounds and expects more of them.  Those who don’t have the dance training – people root for them because they’re the underdogs.”

Still, it has to be intimidating for Niecy and the other untrained dancers to go up against Olympic Gold Medal-winning figure skater Evan Lysacek, one-time cheerleader Erin Andrews of ESPN, and Pussycat Dolls leader Nicole Scherzinger.  “Nicole is hot, hot, hot and so good at what she does,” appreciates Van Amstel.  He adds, “You need the good ones to give the audience something to watch while the others are learning.”

GOOD FANS TO HAVE:  Dean Norris has garnered a fan following among cops, thanks to playing Hank Schrader, the DEA agent brother-in-law of Bryan Cranston’s methamphetamine-dealing ex-science teacher character on “Breaking Bad.”

“We have cops on location and they’re always coming up tome and talking.  These cop magazines have asked me to write little pieces for them,” notes Norris, who also has a series of “Cop Talk” satirical videos on the internet that he made with a couple of cop buddies.

So it will be interesting to see what kind of reaction he gets as this season continues to unfold, with Hank undergoing changes.  “The first couple seasons of ‘Breaking Bad,’ Hank was more of a comedic character.  They established him as a blowhard, funny guy.  This season, they’ve definitely taken him to the dark side.”

And it’s been demanding.  Notes Norris, “Bruises are definitely part of the gig.”  That was especially true when he shot the episode in which “I got to mix it up with Keith Jardine, the famous Mixed Martial Arts fighter – he and I got to tangle.  He’s a super nice guy but there’s an aura about him that he could decide to punch you in the head and knock your brains out.”  What did he think of Jardine’s performance?  “I thought he was good,” says Norris.  “He didn’t have to say a lot.”  Yep, getting one’s head slammed on the floor doesn’t require much acting technique.

BORDER CROSSING:  Shawn Ashmore – Iceman to “X-Men” fans – is getting ready for “Mariachi Gringo,” an indie flick about a guy who feels “stifled by the complacency” in his small town, per casting notices.  His solution: setting off for Mexico to become a member of a Mariachi band.  Amy Madigan is also in the movie, along with Martha Adriana Barraza.

With reports by Emily-Fortune Feimster

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