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Loretta Devine: ‘Client List’ Set a Popular Studio Destination

Loretta Devine tells us that the set of  Lifetime’s Sunday (4/8)-debuting series version of “The Client List” — filled with actresses playing call girls — has become a popular studio destination.  “All the girls are absolutely beautiful, and with Jennifer Love Hewitt the star and producer, the guys — oh!  The guys come around.  They’ll come to push towel racks,” laughs the multi-talented actress, whose credits range from the original Broadway Dreamgirls through “Waiting to Exhale,” “Boston Public” and “Grey’s Anatomy.”

And now, she’s playing a madam — Jennifer Love Hewitt’s boss, as a matter of fact.  “Wait until you see her in the show,” Loretta says.  “This girl has a body.  Oh, my goodness!”

Loretta gets to be sexy, too.  How does she like that?  “All I can say is, Thank God for Spanx!”  She adds, “I love my role because she’s a strong woman who is running a business, but she has other sides.  Her husband left her three years ago for one of the girls.”

Beyond the sexy fun, she sees another side for the show as well.  “I think of it as a cautionary tale.  You get a chance to see all the troubles these girls are getting into trying to make a buck.  We’re shooting the eighth episode now, and all kinds of things are happening.  There’s a lot of drama in it, an undertone of danger, as well as comedy.”