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Rebecca Romijn Happy to be ‘The Brawn’ in New ‘Librarians’ Series


Lindy Booth, Christian Kane, Rebecca Romijn, John Larroquette, John Kim

Rebecca Romijn is looking pretty fierce, kicking butt and saving treasures in TNT’s “Librarians” series that launches Dec. 7 — a feat all the more remarkable considering the kind of schedule she was keeping through much of the production in Portland, Oregon.

“My husband was doing a play in New York and my girls had to finish up their school year, so their grandparents actually came and moved into our house with them and helped them, and I flew homeevery weekend from Portland to be with them,” reports the gorgeous actress of “X-Men” and “Ugly Betty” fame.

Referring to her and husband Jerry O’Connell’s twin daughters, she goes on with a laugh, “Taking care of two 5-year-olds for a weekend is not how you recover from a 90-hour work week. On Mother’s Day weekend, we shot till like 5:30 in the morning. I took a 6:30 a.m. flight home Saturday to spend Mother’s Day weekend with my kids. I was exhausted. I got right into bed and I had my girls with me and they were like, ‘It’s Mother’s Day! Can we go to the merry go round at the mall?’ ‘Hey, it’s Mother’s Day! Can we go to the bowling alley?’ And I was like, ‘How about, ‘It’s Mother’s Day. Let’s stay in bed and watch movies all weekend.’

“It was so tiring, but it was so worth it. And so much fun once they all got up there.”

Romijn also notes, “I enjoy work so much and I want my girls to see that and also sort of be a part of it. I have fun when I’m not working, too, but I’m really happy when I’m working and I want my girls to see that and hopefully be a role model for them.”

According to her, when it comes to spending time setside, Dolly and Charlie “love it. At this point, they don’t think there’s anything strange about it. They’re young enough where they — I think they assume everybody’s mommy and daddy does this.”

Does she foresee her daughters going into acting? “You know, there are some things that are out of our control. They may, and once they finish school they can do whatever they want,” says Romijn, “but as far as I’m concerned, nothing happens until they’re 18.

They can do as much acting in school as they want, but professional acting has to wait. That’s the deal my parents made with me.”

There was plenty for Charlie and Dolly to see around the “Librarians” sets. Taking off from the hit TNT franchise, this series has Noah Wyle’s character now aided by four more Librarians in the great quest to safeguard, preserve, defend, get back and otherwise curate fabled antiquities from supernatural forces. John Larroquette, Christian Kane, Lindy Booth and John Kim star along with Romijn. Wyle recurs and exec produces, and Bob Newhart and Jane Curtin are seen as well. The series keeps the same big, fun-loving tone as its predecessor movies.

“It’s as Noah Wyle put it: ‘Indiana Jones’ as if ‘Indiana Jones’ was being played by Don Knotts,” notes Romijn.

Her character is referred to as the “brawn” of the outfit, and she’s quite pleased about that. “I love it! I mean it’s such a fantastic time in television and movies with all these girls that can kick butt. I’ve gotten to play a few of these characters now that are sort of butt-kickers, and it’s an honor,” she says.

As far as preparation, of course, as the unforgettable blue Mystique of “X Men,” she had “done a lot of fight sequences.” Then, “Right before I got ‘Librarians,’ I had a series on TNT called ‘King & Maxwell’ and I had martial arts and weapons training for that. That was still fresh in my body, so I rolled all that training into this character.”

She was offered “Librarians” by franchise creator Dean Devlin, who is also exec producing the series. “He was working with TNT at the time, and I had a great relationship with TNT so it felt like a no-brainer, a marriage made in heaven.”

As for the future, and the prospective Jerry-and-Rebecca talk show that’s already getting attention? Romijn says, “That’s not official. There’s nothing to announce. We did a pilot, but there’s nothing to say about it yet.” Still, if it did come to pass that she and her witty mate try their hands at a chat show, “They did schedule it I would still be able to do ‘Librarians.'”

And she’s already proven how good she is at juggling schedules.

Jerry Owes Rebecca Trip, Jewelry for Wrangling Twins

Jim Belushi, Jerry O'Connell CBS photo

Jerry O’Connell tells us he’s glad that he and Jim Belushi are able to “split the duties” on their Sept. 22-debuting “The Defenders” CBS series.  “That sort of helps it,” he says, speaking of his hectic, chaotic work and family life.

O’Connell and wife Rebecca Romijn’s twin daughters, Dolly and Charlie, who turn two at year’s end, “really are cute, but they’re such a handful.  They’re at that age where they wander off and you just always have to watch them.  We’re looking into getting those leashes for them.  Seriously,” he says.  “They’re starting to fight with each other.

“My wife is great.  My wife is with them all the time.  I owe her a trip or a piece of jewelry,” adds the actor, who did Mr. Mom duty last year when Rebecca was in production with her short-lived “Eastwick” series.  Helpfully, Charlie and Dolly “are going to sleep pretty early these days.”

It sounds like Jerry and Jim have already bonded on the show in which they play a rowdy pair of Las Vegas attorneys who are well-acquainted with the seedy side of life.  “I’m learning a tremendous amount from Jim.  He’s got those Second City improv roots, you know, and 10 years with ‘The World According to Jim.’  He’s such a creative guy, he bring so much to every scene, every day – really dramatic, funny and vulnerable,” Jerry says.

Jerry brings real-life knowledge of the law to the show.  Not that it helps.  He enrolled in L.A.’s Southwestern Law School for real last year, you may recall, and says, “I had to do a closing argument in mock court for a class.  A judge assesses your performance and you go up against someone else.  The judge said I was over-acting – swear to God!  One thing I’ve never been accused of is over-acting.”

Jerry also says Rebecca “came down to see, and she only gave me two-and-half out of four stars.”

But it wasn’t all bad.  “About two weeks later, I had to do my first big courtroom scene for ‘The Defenders.’  When people watch the pilot, they say, ‘Interesting way you really underplayed that.’”

Jerry O’Connell Loving His Real-Life Role As Mr. Mom


Jerry O'Connell

Jerry O’Connell is playing Mr. Mom on the set of wife Rebecca Romijn‘s pilot for a possible ABC series version of “The Witches of Eastwick” — and sounds like he couldn’t be happier about it.

“Nothing prepared me for what it would be like to raise twin girls,” he says of 3-month-old Dolly and Charlie. “When one quiets down, the other one starts up. At night, I am sleeping more than my wife — who is a saint. She has to get up,” he says of Rebecca, who is nursing the babies. “I watch the kids at work. It’s good — they like coming to another place. Although, she had a kissing scene today, and it must have been weird for the other actor, to know she has kids and a husband nearby,” adds Jerry, who tells us he pretty much stays off the set.

“I’ll tell you what’s funny,” he adds. “I really thought I was going to be a very strict father about what they could wear, when they could go out and all that. But now that they’re starting to smile at me, I just know they’re going to walk all over me … If I don’t see them for a couple hours, I miss them so much.”

Jerry has Lifetime’s original movie adaptation of Nora Roberts‘ “Midnight Bayou” coming up this Sunday, March 28, starring with Lauren Stamile and Faye Dunaway — as well as roles in the forthcoming big-screen chiller “Obsessed” with Beyonce and Idris Elba, and the upcoming movie comedy “Baby on Board” with Heather Graham. “I hate to say it, but it’s probably going to be quiet for a while now,” he says. “My wife is the one working. I want this series to work out for her first, then we’ll see about me.”

“Midnight Bayou” was shot in a real antebellum mansion outside New Orleans — and the authentic location for the atmospheric tale was one of the lures for Jerry. “Can you imagine if they’d tried to shoot this somewhere like Calgary?” he asks. “I didn’t really know Nora Roberts’ books before this — I’m not really her demographic,” he adds of the hugely popular and prolific romance writer. “But Rebecca knew this book very well. When I told her about the movie, she said, ‘Oh, it’s one of her best! Really spooky!'”

THE BIG SCREEN SCENE: What a time it is for director Ken Kwapis. His big screen “He’s Just Not That Into You” — with its stellar ensemble of Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Scarlett Johansson, Justin Long, Jennifer Connelly, Ginnifer Goodwin, Kevin Connolly and Bradley Cooper — has grossed more than $130 million so far.

He’s about to shoot the 100th episode of “The Office,” for which he’s served as key director since helming the pilot of the hit series. And his first movie, the 1985 “Sesame Street Presents Follow That Bird!” has been re-mastered and is being re-released by Warner Bros. on DVD this week.

The first “Sesame Street” feature, “Follow That Bird” — as in everybody’s favorite 8’2″ tall avian creature, Big Bird — was made when Kwapis was “a kid, like barely 25.” He flew to New York and met with Muppet creator/performer Jim Henson, performer/creative talent/director Frank Oz, and voice of Big Bird, Caroll Spinney. “It was overwhelming, but they were immensely generous,” recalls Kwapis, whose credits up ’til then included two after-school specials and a Student Academy Award for a film he made while attending grad school at USC.

Kwapis notes that making the movie may have been complicated, but “the beauty of the Muppets — and one of the things that was so visionary about Jim Henson — was that they have a very simple quality. I’ve worked with creatures that require five, six or seven technicians to work them — one controls the eyeballs, one the mouth and so on. When Jim did Kermit, there was one person — Jim put his hand into a little green piece of felt, and his knuckles did all the work. Grown men and women on the set just stopped in their tracks. I thought, ‘Gosh, if this is what they’re doing to my crew, it’s really going to be something.’ And it was. I think it still retains all its charm. I loved the idea of doing a film about the acceptance of difference, and I still do.”

AND: With “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2” having pretty much tied up the stories of the much-loved characters played by America Ferrera, Blake Lively, Amber Tamblyn and Alexis Bledel, chances for another “Traveling Pants” flick are pretty slim. Still, some of the principles aren’t ruling it out. Kwapis, who directed the original feature, notes, “I’d love to do another one, just to have the chance to hang out with all of them again.”

CASHING IN: “I Love Money 2” is going strong, pushing toward its May 4 finale, and host Craig J. Jackson tells us he hopes this won’t be the last people will see of the popular VH1 reality show. “Hopefully it ends up being like ‘Survivor’ or ‘American Idol,’ where we stay on the air forever. I think this show can go on for as long as people are interested,” says Jackson. “It’s not like people are trying to fall in love with somebody, because you can get tired of watching that, but people never get tired of money. You might get tired of Flavor Flav or Brett Michaels, but how are you going to get tired of $250,000?”

With reports by Emily-Fortune Feimster.