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Rosa Blasi: Book Not About Bashing Exes

Rosa Blasi

Speaking of breast implants and the celebrities who talk about having them as freely as they talk about shoe styles, Rosa Blasi’s memoir “Jock Itch: The Misadventures of a Retired Jersey Chaser,” has been getting attention for some key passages describing her past famous athlete flames’ lesser-known attributes, shall we say.  But the actress stresses, “It’s supposed to be a comedic ride, not bash my exes.  If you read it, you see that the person who comes off looking the dumbest is me.”

Well…Blasi’s book is certainly a breezy page-turner with some truly jaw-dropping moments and snarky laughs, but it unquestionably does indeed bash her exes, most notably her pro football player ex-husband — who apparently deserves it.  In fact, her story, including such tidbits as her discovery that he’d been hiring prostitutes off Craig’s List, could make most divorced people feel better about their own poor marital choices.

“At the end of the day it’s a ride of low self-esteem.  Don’t make choices like I made,” she says.

The former “Strong Medicine” star penned the tome between camera calls on her current show, ABC Family’s “Make It Or Break It,” in which she plays the mother of an aspiring Olympic gymnast.  As far as revealing so much intimate information, she tells us, “When I went into the pitch meeting with HarperCollins, I used Chelsea Handler and Kathy Griffin as my models, because they’re not only funny, they’re honest.  I admire that so much.  People respond — they have a visceral response — to honesty.”