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Joey Fatone a Man on the Move With ‘My Family Recipe Rocks’

Joey Fatone

While some other ex-boy band members might not have much career action these days, Joey Fatone couldn’t be busier.  Maybe that’s because the one-time *NSYNC  singer’s professional life is diversification personified.  He’s a man on the move, crisscrossing the country as he juggles multiple demands.  “I’m hustling,” declares the pop star cum actor-dancer-host — who has now added Celebrity Foodie to his list of personas.

Viewers of the “Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-Off” saw Joey make a respectable showing as an amateur chef this week.  He made it to the final four and picked up a $5,000 prize for his charitable foundation by acing an on-the-spot challenge — before Lou Diamond Phillips became the winner and Coolio came in second.  Now, Joey’s about to head out on the road to shoot more episodes of his new Live Well network cooking show, “My Family Recipe Rocks.”  He tells us that “Family Recipe” — in which he visits everyday people making extraordinary dishes in their home kitchens — actually came about before he even signed on to the competition show.

“We’ve already done 10 episodes.  We’ve gone to West Palm Beach, Chicago, Vegas, North Carolina…Now we have 10 more to do.  In the next couple of weeks we’ll go to New Orleans and on from there.  I don’t know what I’m getting,” he says.  One memorable cooking episode featured fried gator with bourbon, he says.  This week’s show (2/4) has a man demonstrating the “old school, Southern kind of way” to fix collard greens.

“It’s been pretty crazy,” says Fatone, who is now headquartering in Orlando, Florida with wife Kelly and their two daughters.  “I’m about to fly back to Vegas to do the live version of ‘The Price is Right,’ and my family will come join me for a couple of weeks.  It’s a blast.  You pay for a ticket, you might be called to come on down.  We play Plinko and stuff like that.  It’s also great because it keeps the hosting chops up for me.  This is a great way to do that, because these players come from all walks of life, they’re not pre-screened, they’re normal people who come to see a show,” he says.  They’re doing the live “Price is Right” in Atlantic City as well.

Joey’s also been working on his acting career, he says.  His latest project is the recently-released slasher movie, “Inkubus” with Robert Englund.  It’s coming to home viewing On Demand and DVD Feb. 21.  “It was my first horror film.  That took me completely out of my element,” says Fatone, a scary movie buff.  ” It was so cool.”

Joey Fatone Frets About Looks on ‘DWTS’

Joey Fatone

When Joey Fatone appears on tonight’s “Dancing with the Stars,” the first thing he plans to do is apologize for his appearance.

“My beard is scruffy and nasty. I haven’t lost any weight because I’m doing this film,” explains the one-time *NSYNC member cum actor, who rushed from Rhode Island shooting on the big-screen horror flick, “Inkubus” [sic] to L.A. for a quick weekend’s worth of training.

He’ll dance with fellow former “DWTS” contestant Melissa Rycroft in the special segment.

“I always loved doing ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ Now people are going to see me dancing around with Melissa. It’s great I’m not getting judged on it. Whatever happens, happens,” says Fatone, who is releasing a new single called “Radio” today as well.

“It’s an uptempo summer jam. It’s power pop,” he says.

Joey will also be seen on the May 22 edition of Playhouse Disney’s “Imagination Movers” as a baseball player torn between his need to play in a big game and desire to be present for his son’s birthday. “His team is counting on him, and his boy is counting on him. They try different solutions, like Speedy Shoes, that don’t work out that well, but in the end, things do get resolved,” he says.

He really must be self-conscious about his weight these days, because he candidly volunteers, “I’m in no shape to be a baseball player. I look maybe like Babe Ruth back in the day.”

With nine-year-old and four-month-old daughters at home, he’s happy about doing the kiddie show. It couldn’t be much further away on the spectrum from his movie work of the moment. The currently-shooting “Inkubus” – with Robert Englund, William Forsythe and Jonathan Silverman in the cast – marks his first chiller.

“It’s a different vibe from comedy, obviously, a different kind of thing for me. It’s been awesome. I’m a huge fan of Robert Englund’s, ‘Halloween’ and all that stuff,” adds Fatone. “You know that variety is the spice of life. You’ve got to keep it fresh, keep evolving and challenging yourself.”

He plays a cop on his last night at a precinct house that’s about to be shut down. A chubby cop, apparently. And once it’s done, well, sounds like it might be time for a diet.