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‘Justified’ Actor Joseph Lyle Taylor Gets into ‘Utopia’ Thanks to ‘Swinging’ Ways

Joseph Lyle Taylor FX photo

Joseph Lyle Taylor, known to fans of the F/X drama “Justified” as small town bad guy Doyle Bennett, shows quite a different set of capabilities in the upcoming “Seven Days in Utopia” with Robert Duvall, Lucas Black and Melissa Leo.  As Black’s father, he’s seen coaching the character in golf from age 11 into adulthood — a role that required him to age over 15 years.  Being a golfer not only made the role easier to get into for Taylor — it made it possible.  “In fact, it came down to my swing weather I got the job or not,” he admits.  “I had to be okayed by this PGA group that put in money.”  Being paid to golf, he can now legitimately say he’s a professional golfer.  “Except my handicap is still a little high for professional golf,” he says with a laugh.

The actor reports the “Justified” troupe, led by Tim Olyphant, is just about to wrap production for its second season.  Taylor couldn’t be happier to be a part of the gritty, acclaimed series — not only because he’s tremendously proud of it, but because it’s generating heat on his career.  Last week, in fact, he got the call that no less than Christopher Nolan wants him, for a role in his new “Batman” feature.  Nice.