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Wrestler Rey Mysterio, Jr. Has Soft Spot for Kids

Rey Mysterio

WWE star Rey Mysterio, Jr. steps onto the mat on Disney XD’s “Zeke and Luther” tonight (8/16), playing himself on an episode that has Luther (Adam Hicks) dreaming of success as a wrestler.

Mysterio tells us he couldn’t have said no.  For one thing, he’s spent untold hours watching Disney Channel shows with his own son, 13, and daughter, eight – and he got to bring her along for the shoot.  The mask-wearing hunk also has a big kid following himself.

“Lots of kids wear the mask.  One of the things that fills me up with energy when I get into the ring – kids in the front row wearing a Rey Mysterio mask,” says Mysterio, who learned the high-flying Lucha Libre wrestling style in Mexico.  He stresses that he goes to great lengths to get the message across that his moves take years of training and should not be tried by kids at home.

Mysterio – nee Oscar Gutierrez – also likes doing public appearances with kids around.  Earlier this month in Australia, he says he made best friends with a 12-year-old boy brought to him by the Make a Wish Foundation.  “He said he was put in home studies because he had no friends at school.  He was missing a finger on his right hand and said, ‘Kids like to make fun of me.’  I said, ‘Don’t worry, what I see in you is a strong heart and desire to be successful.  I would love to teach you some of my moves sometime.’  I gave him some wristbands and things.  You know, kids sometimes don’t see that making fun of people isn’t the right thing to do, but as you get older, you realize that the most important thing in life is to have respect for others.  I always tell them that.”

Ed Begley, Jr. Keeping Sense of Humor About Limbaugh Slam

Rachelle Carson and Ed Begley Planet Green photo

Rachelle Carson and Ed Begley Planet Green photo

The “Jay Leno Show” bit in which Rush Limbaugh drove Jay’s electric car obstacle course – featuring  life-size cutouts of environmental figures Al Gore and Ed Begley, Jr. that Limbaugh ran into on purpose – has been getting lots of replay action on the internet.  Among those who’ve seen it is Begley, who responds with equanimity when asked about “El Rushbo’s” deliberate hit.

 “You know, it’s a free country and he’s allowed to do whatever he wants.  It’s just curious that he doubts climate change when so many prestigious scientists have documented it,” he observes.  As far as the car, “That’s fun, it’s all in good fun,” says Begley.  He also reports that Leno’s asked him to come out and drive as well, and he just might.  “You’ve got to have some fun.  I’ve been featured on ‘The Simpsons’ too.  Rule Number 1 is, you have to have a sense of humor.”

 Begley’s managed to keep smiling through decades of being considered an “environmentalist whacko” by the Limbaughs of the world.  Now, of course, millions of people have come around to Ed’s way of thinking.  Still, even amongst his green Hollywood pals, and, of course, his wife, Rachelle Carson, “Not everybody’s quite as into it as I am.  It is asking a lot to have to ride your bike to make toast,” he admits, referring to one of his power-generating devices. 

 More such Begley-an innovations will be shown come Oct. 21, when his and Rachelle’s popular reality series, “Living With Ed”  has its new season premiere, on its new cable channel home, Planet Green.  (Previewing on video-on-demand Oct. 14.) The show’s new situation allows him to leave the confines of his home and take viewers to places like “a methane plant, where they make waste into electricity.”  Golly!  Can’t wait.  The cameras caught Begley’s recent 60th birthday roller skating party – attended by such pals as Jackson Browne, Jeff Garland, Anjelica Huston, Buck Henry, Teri Garr and Cindy Williams.  Upbeat Ed expects his best year yet; “twice as good as 30.”

 THE BIG SCREEN SCENE: If Jason Ritter and Jess Weixler look like they’re falling in love in “Peter and Vandy,” they are.  Sort of.  In an actory way.  “Aside from sleeping, I think I spent every hour I had with her, working at either her apartment or my apartment, rehearsing ‘til it was time to go to sleep,” he recounts.  “We got very close in that period of time.  That kind of closeness, it’s a hard thing to fake, you know?

“We both had significant others, so we could really delve into this without worrying — really fall for each other as hard as we  possibly could and still have it be safe for both of us.  The fact she trusted me enough, the fact I trusted her enough, was a really special thing,” as the actor, who rose to fame on “Joan of Arcadia,” and whose father was the late John Ritter.   

“Peter and Vandy,” which drew raves for both actors at the Sundance Festival, opens in New York and L.A. today (10/9) with other releases to follow.  It tells a story by showing great and awful moments in a couple’s relationship, but not in order.  Jason and Jess put their characters’ story together in sequence in order to act it – and then, he says, it turned out that they actually shot it in chronological order, the exact opposite of the way most films are done. 

As for whether all that togetherness and love time made his girlfriend, Marianna Palka, and Jess’ boyfriend uncomfortable, he says, “There’s a real trust on their parts that I admire a lot.  Jealousy is a really easy thing to go into and it’s not pretty.  So we’re really lucky to have people in our lives who understand that at the end of the day, we’re working to make the best film we can.”

 CELEB SCENE:  Michael Cera’s “Youth in Revolt” got an advance screening at Hugh Hefner’s  Playboy Mansion the other night – what a place to screen a comedy about a young man on a quest to lose his virginity.  Hefner and some 40-50 of his personal guests were on hand, along with a handful of the film’s stars, screenwriters Diablo Cody and Gustin Nash, and producers Bob Weinstein and David Permut.  We hear that after the extremely successful screening, three of the attending Playmates gave a private tour of the mansion’s grounds and its menagerie of wild animals to a few of the film’s notables.  During the tour, Bob Weinstein was attacked by a four foot crane.  Luckily no animals were injured!  “Youth in Revolt” also stars Zach Galifianakis, Steve Buscemi, Ray Liotta, Jean Smart, Justin Long and Mary Kay Place.

 CASTING CORNER:  They’re looking for the young actor who’ll play wrestling star John Cena’s little brother in “Oxley’s Road,” which starts production in early December.  It’s been widely reported that Cena’s playing the 100-lb. kid who joins his high school wrestling team in an effort to reconnect with his big brother.  That would obviously be a stretch for the 32-year-old, 240-lb. Cena, who is no doubt playing the elder sibling, a professional wrestler who is estranged from their mother.  With the Emmy-winning, Oscar-nominated Patricia Clarkson (“Six Feet Under,” “Pieces of April,” etc.) playing the mother, you have to figure this is a little different kind of wrestler movie.  Wonder if Clarkson’s Yale drama school classmates would have been amused by her presence in a WWE Studios flick.

With reports by Emily-Fortune Feimster

Chlumsky Enjoys Playing Politics

Anna Chlumsky "In the Loop"

Anna Chlumsky "In the Loop"

Well after other stars of TV pilots for this coming season have either started ramping up for production and promotion — or folded their tents and gone home – Anna Chlumsky is still awaiting word on the fate of her “House Rules” pilot for CBS.  With its cast options extended last week, the series that follows the freshman class of Congress as they begin their careers in Washington, D.C., might become a midseason replacement show.  Or not.

“I would love to hear that it has a future,” she tells us.  But either way, the 28-year-old actress, who rose to fame in the “My Girl” movies is going to be busy.  She has a movie for Lifetime with Kristin Chenoweth shooting this summer.  She’s talking theater projects – “It’s been a year since I’ve done a play” – and she has the U.S. release of the BBC Films-IFC Films political satire, “In the Loop.”

Chlumsky costars with Simon Foster, James Gandolfini, David Rasche, Mimi Kennedy and others in Armando Iannucci’s farcical flick in which a slip of the lip by a British official has the country hurtling toward war.

“I LOVE this kind of humor.  I’m so grateful and blessed to be part of this awesome British comedic tradition.  I’ve long been a fan of it.  Monty Python is mother’s milk to me,” she declares.

Having back-to-back projects that have her politically involved, albeit on two sides of the Atlantic, works for Chlumsky.  “I actually studied international relations in school,” notes the University of Chicago grad.

Chlumsky is aware that political satire is a tough genre to pull off in films, but believes “In the Loop” – beginning its limited release July 24 – has an advantage in its roots.  “I think in the grand scheme of things, Europeans have been around so much longer than we have – they’ve gone through more revolutions, civil wars, regime changes and paradigm shifts — they’re in a cultural position of not taking themselves as seriously as we do,” she opines.  “They’re not terribly precious about themselves and the world at large.  You have to take a step back and not take yourselves too seriously.”

ON THE OTHER HAND: England’s top-rated sitcom, “My Family” – which is seen here via BBC America – is the only TV show in the U.K. that uses an American-style writing team concept.  Not only is the show a ratings winner.  It’s also a finalist in the Best Comedy category for the third time in England’s upcoming “TVQuick & TVChoice” Awards, having already won twice.  The awards are voted on by viewers.  “My Family,” produced by Don Taffner, Jr., is about a dentist (Robert Lindsay), husband and father in a bit of a mid-life crisis.  It’s from DLT Entertainment, an American company, which also produced Dame Judi Dench’s delightful “As Time Goes By” series, seen here on PBS, in addition to having been responsible for “Three’s Company” and “Too Close for Comfort.”

TOO BAD:  Disappointing, the comments KISS frontman Gene Simmons made to AOL’s Katy Kroll, saying that “American Idol’s” Adam Lambert had “killed his career” by coming out as gay, that now the focus would be on Adam’s sexuality rather than his music — this coming from a man who wears makeup and platform shoes.  We’ve always liked Gene, but such running off at the mouth seems more about self-promotion via being provocative than anything else.  Like the bisexuality stuff killed Mick Jagger’s and David Bowie’s careers, right, Gene?  And we forgot all about Freddie Mercury’s music because he was gay?  Time to shut it, Gene.  Just shut it.

With reports by Emily-Fortune Feimster