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A Tribute

Julian Myers with Stacy Jenel Smith  Photo by Patsy Myers

Julian Myers with Stacy Jenel Smith Photo by Patsy Myers

Hollywood publicist extraordinaire Julian Myers, who passed away in December at age 95, was celebrated the other day with a packed house at The Hollywood Museum. Myers was remembered with as much affection for his gentlemanly, upbeat ways as he was esteemed for his illustrious career and stunning athletic prowess.

The hard core marathoner, who ran 90 miles in celebration of his 90th birthday, broke a world record for the 800 meter run in his age bracket just this past fall at the Huntsman World Senior Games in Utah.

The PR wizard somehow managed to work a job fraught with friction and distrust for countless others and remain one of the most well-liked figures in the business. As a publicist at 20th Century Fox, he worked with Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, John Wayne and others. Responsible for getting Monroe to the set on time during her films’ production, he once famously said he was the only guy in town trying to get Marilyn Monroe out of bed. Later, he had his own PR firm and, among other things, helped promote then-client Dennis Weaver’s visionary ecolonomics push for environmentally/economically helpful inventions.

Julian was working on a book about utilizing social media just this past year (so we never want to hear anyone say they’re too old for this new fangled stuff) and had a feature film producing project in the works.

However, it might be his kindness and good cheer that were remembered most. It’s not surprising that he and his beloved late wife Patsy were trying to establish a monthly friendship holiday — Amigo Day. The man who tended to answer “Never better!” when asked how he was took many a neophyte publicist and journalist under wing through the years, and showed supportive ways to all.

Athletic Feats of 93-year-old Julian Myers the Right Stuff to Inspire

Patsy and Julian Myers

Here would be a reality show worth seeing: the remarkable world of 93-year-old athlete Julian Myers.  The Marina del Rey PR man won 11 medals (more than anyone else) at this month’s Huntsman World Senior track meet  in St. George, Utah – including First Place in the 3,000 meters and 1,500 meters, and second or third place finishes in the running long jump, standing long jump, triple jump, discus, javelin, shot put and 200, 400 and 800 meters.  

Being a Hollywood publicist, he didn’t waste the opportunity to wear a t-shirt touting a film project —  “Hopper’s Nighthawks: 90 Minutes and Lives” that he is co-producing with Loyola Marymount Cinema and Television writer Arlene Clendenin, about the story behind the story of the world-famous Nighthawks painting. 

In the wake of Centenarian runner Fauja Singh’s completion of a full marathon the other day, it’s worth noting that Myers has not only completed dozens of marathons, he ran 90 miles to celebrate his 90th birthday.   There isn’t a TV camera crew following him around, however.   At least, not yet.

Diahann Carroll Gets Her Diva On for PBS

Matt Bomer, Diahann Carroll "White Collar" USA Network photo

Diahann Carroll is diving into preparations this week to bring her “The Lady … The Music … The Legend” one-woman show to Palm Springs to be filmed as a PBS special. It’s the latest high-profile turn for Diahann, who also has her ongoing commitment to USA Network’s “White Collar” as well as two upcoming Lifetime movies. The still-glamorous septuagenarian is surprised herself to be in such demand.

“I’m very proud, pleased, happy and thrilled to be working like this as I approach…” she pauses, laughs, then sings, “the time of my life.”

She’s certainly been having the time of her life, adding a best-selling autobiography and a “Grey’s Anatomy” Emmy to her long list of stage, screen and TV achievements over the past couple of years.

Right now, she’s putting together an orchestra to rehearse with in L.A. for “The Lady…The Music…The Legend.” There’ll also be wardrobe to work out with Bob Mackie.

“For stage, Bob was always kind enough to be there for me,” she notes. “He’s a genius. Anyone who could take Cher’s body and turn her into what he’s turned her into — so gorgeous and appealing. And now he’s working with Pink, which I think is a wonderful combination. My gowns are not so extreme as that.”

Her live performance next month is a benefit for the Annenberg Theater at The Palm Springs Art Museum, with the TV special planned for summer debut.

Meanwhile, Diahann plays mama to “Rescue Me’s” Daniel Sanjata as he brings to life crime novelist Patricia Cornwell’s detective Wil Garano character in back-to-back movies. “Patricia Cornwell’s At Risk” and “The Front,” air April 10 and 17, respectively.

And then there’s “White Collar” and her part as the savvy and soigné widow who shares her home with con man-turned-crime fighter Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) “I’m having an absolute ball on that show. She’s a great character and I love the company,” says Diahann. “It’s so great to be around, people who are a bit – just a bit — younger than you and me.”

FROM THE INSIDE LOOKING OUT: Benjamin Bratt turned a lot of heads at last year’s Sundance Festival, playing a Latino father who finds out about his son’s hidden homosexuality in “La Mission.” Audiences will get a chance to see the flick, when it premieres in theaters April 9. Jeremy Ray Valdez, who plays Ben’s gay son in the film, wants us to know, “We had five screenings at Sundance and got standing ovations at every one. It just strikes a chord with people – not just with gays and Latinos, but all cultures are responding to it.”

He adds, “It was a project that I was really passionate about. As actors, we want to act in roles that are meaningful to us and the character is saying important things
and that’s what this script has. It’s just a beautiful story. I hope people take away from this film the possibility of change and unconditional love.”

The experience was certainly a life-changing one for Valdez. He tells us he’s lucky to have found a new role model in Bratt. “I can’t say enough good things about this guy. He’s super genuine, a family man, very down to earth, and cares about
everyone around him. He gives you everything he’s got as an actor,” says Valdez. “I actually got engaged while we were filming and you hear so much negativity in the Hollywood community about being married and cheating so to see him be so loving with his wife and kids, it made me hopeful with my marriage.”

Adam Hicks

CHANGE OF PACE:   It’s been a busman’s holiday for 17-year-old Adam Hicks while he’s been on hiatus for his Disney XD series, “Zeke & Luther.” The affable red-haired actor has been busy doing five episodes of “Jonas” for the brothers’ upcoming new season.

“My character on ‘Jonas’ is completely different from Luther. He’s the cool guy who has all the input on all the parties in California, the guy who shows them around,” Adam reports.

The new season of the skateboard-centric “Zeke & Luther” comedy premieres Monday (3/15), with an episode in which Zeke (Hutch Dano) jumps a shark, literally. Soon their hiatus will be over, and Hicks says he feels ready to get back to work on his own show.

“It’s funny, when you’re working, you get home and the first thing you do is go to sleep because you’re exhausted. You can’t wait for a break. Then when you get a break, you can’t wait to get back to work.”

ON THE GOOD FOOT: Hollywood’s legendary 92-year-old marathon-running publicity man Julian Myers is staging a Four Myers Generations run Saturday (3/13) — with 12 of his family members from near and far in the Lakewood, CA Sheriff’s Family Fun Run

Julian Myers

It’s all about promoting AmigoDay, the monthly day of conscious friendliness launched by Julian and wife Patsy years ago. Those longing for kindness and civility should consider joining in AmigoDay the first Sunday of every month. Requirements are simple. “Just greet anyone anywhere, your way, any month’s first Sunday,” explains Myers, a gentleman of the old school, who has worked with innumerable stars, all the studios, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the TV academy through the years.

He’s hoping all three of his great-granddaughters will run, but considering that the youngest one is a mere 1 ½, that may be asking a bit much. Even for a Myers.

With reports by Emily-Fortune Feimster