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Josh Duhamel Reveals Insider Movie Actor Truths

Life As We Know It: Katherine Heigl, Clagett triplet, Josh Duhamel

Josh Duhamel, who has “Life as We Know It” opening Oct. 8, says working with kids isn’t so bad.  He stars with not only Katherine Heigl and Josh Lucas in the rom com, but also with the precocious Clagett triplets as the baby.

“We got lucky because there were three of them,” he tells Entertainment Weekly, in a wide-ranging interview in the issue hitting stands tomorrow (10/1). “Brooke was the little starlet.  Brynn was the feisty little one—you never knew what you’d get.  And then there was little Lexie,  who without a doubt every time on set would just scream bloody murder—which comes in handy in a movie like this because there’s a lot of moments when you need a baby to cry.”

Josh also dishes the inside skinny on such need-to-know actor truths as imbibing before shooting a scene in really cold water.  In his current, limited release flick “The Romantics,” his groom-to-be character is seen taking a drunken dip in the ocean with pals. The lesson of the nighttime shoot, he tells EW:  “It’s irresponsible NOT to drink whiskey before you jump into the Atlantic in December.”

And, on working with director Michael Bay, with whom he’s currently shooting the third ‘Transformers” film: “I learned to stay out of his way…Just to be there and do as you’re told and shut up.”

And then there are Duhamel’s notes on taking realism too far.  Recalling the filming of his 2006 “Turistas,” about kidnapped American tourists, he reveals:  “We had the bright idea to go barefoot, like [the bad guys] stole our shoes, too! Like, ‘Let’s make this s- – – real!’ About half a day into shooting we realized it was a huge mistake, but we couldn’t go back because we had already shot a bunch of stuff.”  Ouch.

Kutcher Leads Walter to Twitter

Lisa Ann Walter

Lisa Ann Walter

Lisa Ann Walter has been busy doing double duty – acting in the big-screen “Five Killers” comedy with Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl in Atlanta, while godmothering her June 29-debuting Oxygen show, “Dance Your A—Off.”

The funny lady dreamed up the concept for the reality dance competition/ weight loss program and serves as one of its judges and executive producers. “It’s been crazy. Ashton was talking to his guy from his television division one day when I was on the phone about ‘Dance Your A—Off” setside between “Five Killers” camera calls. “He got me doing the Twittering thing,” she adds. “Ashton Kutcher getting you into Twitter — it’s kind of like being baptized by Christ.”

For Walter, the “Dance Your A– Off” premiere marks the culmination of four years of determined effort, from the time she started pitching her idea to its arrival on Oxygen. There were lots of turn downs along the way. Walter was told by other network executives that with “Dancing With the Stars” on the air, there was no room for another dance-reality show. “Then ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ came along and proved them wrong,” she recalls. “But I kept pitching it, kept bugging my people. Everybody said no. I don’t care. I got two sitcoms on the air. I don’t know the meaning of ‘No,’” declares Walter, who gained weight for her co-starring role, with Jennifer Lopez and Richard Gere, in the big-screen “Shall We Dance” – and dropped those pounds with the help of salsa dance lessons.

“I’m really fortunate, obviously, in that people sparked to it and the network and 495 Productions and Sally (producer Sally Ann Salsano) executed it in the spirit that kept my concept. To see these wonderful, beautiful contestants looking at me across the floor having lost 10 pounds in a week – it’s a great feeling,” she says.