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Harry Hamlin, Lisa Rinna — His ‘n’ Hers Promotion for New Books, Show

Harry Hamlin, Lisa Rinna TV Land photo

 Promos for the Oct. 6-debuting “Harry Loves Lisa” reality show starring couple about town Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna feature a priceless moment in which the feisty Lisa is answering a question about cosmetic surgery, says “It’s silicone,” and then puts her hand on Kathie Lee Gifford’s knee and says “YOU know!” 

Kathie Lee looks as if she’s been shot by a stun gun.  She is not amused. 

Now Harry says that they’ll be revisiting that moment when he and Lisa guest on the “Today” show the morning of the sixth.  “We love Kathie Lee,” he says. 

“Today” is but one of many places you can expect to see Harry and Lisa over the next couple of weeks.  They’re hitting the promotional trail hard right now, not only for the soon-due TV Land series, but also their respective books.  He has his humorous memoir, “Full Frontal Nudity: The Making of an Accidental Actor.”  And she has “Starlit,” a novel that takes place – where else? – in Hollywood. 

According to Harry, they each have separate promotional routes and book signings ahead – with a few big joint appearances including stores in New York’s Columbus Circle and Los Angeles’ The Grove.

You have to give the Hamlins credit – they work hard.  What drives them?

“We’re creative beings.  It’s hard for us to be still,” says Harry, who also owns a boutique with his wife. 

Also, “We have kids in school.  We have to pay their tuition,” he says of their daughters, who appear on “Harry Loves Lisa.”  In fact, he says, “They would like to it be the Delilah and Amelia show, but we try to keep them as marginally involved as possible.”   

Hamlin, turned off by reality TV he defines as having “lots of blood on the walls, dysfunction – a cluster you-know-what” envisioned a show that’s “the polar opposite of that.  I wanted to do a 21st century version of ‘Leave it to Beaver,’ ‘Ozzie & Harriet,’ ‘I Love Lucy,’ ‘Father Knows Best’ — about a couple working in Los Angeles and also trying to run a retail business.”  As far as he is concerned “Harry Loves Lisa” comes close to his vision.  “We don’t drink, we don’t smoke, we don’t do drugs.  We don’t throw stuff at each other.”  Except a few zingers and quips.