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To Mob, or Not To Mob — That Was the Question for Kathrine Narducci

Kathrine Narducci

After eight years on “The Sopranos,” actress Kathrine Narducci admits she hesitated to return to that world when she was paged to join the cast of the Frank Vincent-Armand Assante film, “Chicago Overcoat.”  “I always wanted to work with Frank and I love Armand Assante, and I wanted to do it because of them, but I’ve been pigeonholed since playing DeNiro’s wife in ‘A Bronx Tale,'” she acknowledges.  “Sometimes you feel like you’re doing the same role over and over with a different name.”

However, Narducci says, “I enjoy doing these roles if they have substance and a good arc and a good storyline.  You try to bring something different to it, and make it interesting for yourself.  Even though it’s the same type of movie, it’s a different story.  I’ve never played a kept woman before.  I’ve known women who were involved with married men.  They’re in their twenties and he’s going to leave his wife, in their thirties, their forties, he’s still going to leave his wife.  They wait their whole lives.”

The well-done — but very violent — film, in which Vincent plays an aging hit man on an assignment that turns out to hold surprises, was a hit with film festival audiences and gets its home video release April 19 via Netflix, Red Box, iTunes and Amazon.