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Here’s Hoping Montana Fishburne Fails

Montana Fishburne

Here’s hoping Montana Fishburne’s career goes down in flames as soon as possible and she gets some psychological counseling.

In case you’ve missed it, Laurence Fishburne’s 19-year-old daughter, who said in a statement that she aimed to become famous the sex tape way, like her idol, Kim Kardashian, has her first porn video going into release this month.  Its debut was bumped up thanks to the giant attention generated by the scandal she seems to be enjoying to the hilt.

Sadly, she’ll probably get her own show out of it rather than a fast return to anonymity.

This is the latest bucket full of excreta in the media sea of young people degrading themselves to get attention, along with body-baring, acquaintance-groping “reality” shows like “Dating in the Dark” all over the tube, sex being used to market clothing to not only teens, but kids as well, and a variety of skuzzy characters (Snooki) fit for police lineups being lionized as today’s hot celebrities.

We are sad for Laurence Fishburne, whose daughter apparently doesn’t get that it’s not her doing the nasty in public that’s bringing her notoriety — it’s the shameful spectacle of a young woman humiliating her famous father.  Or maybe she does get that.

ON THE PERSONAL SIDE:  Michael Vartan, who is planning to marry fiancé Lauren Skaar in April in California, tells us, “She’s from Minnesota, and I would have loved to have gotten married in a little church there, but most of the people we know are out here.”  Still, the “HawthoRNe” star is impressed by the people of that Land of 10,000 Lakes.  Minnesotans, he’s found, “are salt of the earth people, so easy to get along with.”  You betcha.

GOOD SPORT:  “Zeke & Luther’s” Hutch Dano says the biggest challenge of making his “Den Brother” movie that debuts tonight (8/13) on the Disney Channel was trading his wheels for blades – as in going from skateboarding to ice hockey.  “I trained a couple of months beforehand.  I trained as much as I could to do my own stunts.  I rollerbladed a lot when I was younger and I played roller hockey,” he says.  “But I hadn’t ice skated.  I knew there was no way they were going to make me an amazing hockey player – but they could make me look like an amazing hockey player.”  He’s found, “I love to ice skate.  The best thing for me now is when I get to go out on the ice.”

Dano plays an arrogant high school hockey star who gets roped into leading his little sister’s Bumble Bee troupe as a punishment.  Interacting with little girls was a stunt for which he didn’t have to train.  “I have a little sister who is about the age of the girls in ‘Den Brother,’ so I know how to talk to little girls because of my sister and her friends.”