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Augh! Sterling Beaumon Gets Really Creepy as Teenage Serial Killer

Sterling Beaumon ABC photo Richard Cartwright

Sterling Beaumon — young Ben Linus to “Lost” fans — returns to the tube tonight (10/20) in “Criminal Minds” as a seriously disturbing character.

The writer described him as a budding psychopath who is a serial killer. That right there — from the word ‘psychopath’ I was hooked and I thought, ‘I’ve got to do this character,'” says the 15-year-old actor, who has definitely matured since viewers saw him last.

His character appears to be an ingratiatingly appealing high school kid, but, notes Sterling, “You can see, all his emotions are put on, they’re acted, because he really has no emotion. It’s completely different from anything I’ve done.”

He also notes, “I guess the writer had been a huge fan of ‘Lost’ and had also seen me on ‘The Cleaner,’ so from what I’m told, she wrote this role with me in mind, which was great.”

Mare Winningham plays the kind-hearted mom who gives Sterling’s character a place to stay, much to her later regret. He recounts, “One day we were filming in the middle of the desert in Califiornia, and we were literally just roasting. People were passing out right and left. Fortunately I didn’t. It was one of the longest scenes we had, with long lines, and there were lines being changed on the spot,” he recounts. “I had a car scene with the fabulous Mare Winningham, and you can see the beads of sweat on her forehead.”

MEANWHILE: The currently hot issue of bullying has a personal meaning for Bauman, who has experienced such treatment himself — and has written a song about it for his second album, which he’s currently recording. “I went to a school for, actually it was only a few weeks because I had to go do ‘Lost,’ but it was right when ‘Mostly Ghostly’ had come out and, you know, all the girls thought that was so cool, and the guys didn’t like that, especially when there was a little bit of jealousy there. They decided to be jerks. You know, people are cruel,” says Sterling. Their bullying escalated to such a level he’s uncomfortable talking about specifics. “I don’t want to get into it,” he says, but it got bad.

“The song is about how cruel people can be, and not to take it to heart, just shake it off — because there’s obviously something that you have that they want. Fortunately, I am a really strong person and can take that. If it had happened to someone else and they weren’t as strong as me, there could be one less person on this earth today.”

Sterling Beaumon’s ‘Lost’ and Sounds

Sterling Beaumon — that’s ‘young Ben Linus’ to ‘Lost’ fans — admits he’s been getting peppered with queries from strangers and friends alike about the show’s May 23 finale. ‘It’s the number one asked question: ‘What is going on? Please tell me whatever you know.”

Of course, he is staying mum, except to note, ‘It’s really hard to live up to Michael’ — as in Michael Emerson, with whom he shares the powerful role. ‘I’m hoping that I did. I think I did. He’s such an amazing actor and he’s created such a great character.’

Beaumon finds the show’s ending ‘bittersweet’ but is ready to move on. In fact, he’s focused on his music career now, with his album ‘Step Back to Reality’ just out on iTunes, Amazon.com and elsewhere. It was two years in the making. The self-possessed and strikingly mature 14-year-old, who’s been singing and playing instruments since he was a small child, stresses that he stayed away from the over-produced, ‘completely synthetic’ sound found all too commonly these days, to his mind — with many young artists relying on Auto-Tune to correct off-key singing.

Instead, ‘We wanted to have a very ‘live’ sound,’ he says. ‘It does take a lot of focus, especially when you’re on a budget as I was. You rehearse a lot. One of the problems I went through was, my voice started to change as I was recording it. My voice is still changing, but I have more control over it now and I can use the range I have a little bit easier.’ That’s good, because next on his agenda is a string of live performance dates.

Elizabeth Mitchell Makes Triple-Duty Work for Her

Elizabeth Mitchell ABC photo

Elizabeth Mitchell ABC photo

Elizabeth Mitchell says her friends are teasing her “that I’m taking all the jobs.”

Actually, it’s just two plum jobs — Dr. Juliet Burke on “Lost” and FBI agent Erica Evans on “V” — that have Mitchell flying high these days. The double-duty work might generate stress for someone else in her shoes, but she’s simply focusing on “the good stuff. They put me on a plane and pick me up. It’s quite a luxury, compared with taking the subway and having to walk for eight blocks.”

She notes, “I understand there are elements that make things complicated — having a four-year-old, not getting to see my husband as much as I want. But, I’m not a person to get caught up in stress. When things aren’t perfect, I just figure, ‘We’ll work it out.'”

Elizabeth works it out by taking son Chris with her on her series locations and spending off-time with the youngster and her actor/husband Chris Soldevilla at their get-away home on Bainbridge Island, Washington.

Mitchell, who played Mrs. Claus in the last two installments of “The Santa Clause,” and was Dennis Quaid’s co-star in the big-screen “Frequency,” reveals she and her husband discovered the retreat in a flight from L.A. to Vancouver when they were over the Seattle area, looked down “and Saw the San Juan Islands — perhaps the most beautiful places I’d ever seen. We knew right then that that was the area when we wanted to settle down.”

She expects “Lost” to finish production in late March or early April, “with the last script probably arriving with eight armed guards.”

She’s proud of ABC for dropping the show after this, its sixth season, reasoning, “It was brave of the network to make it as good as it could be and then letting it go. Networks and studios want to make money, of course. And, I think ABC’s artistic integrity was pretty cool to let ‘Lost’ go.

“Maybe it will start a trend with the other studios — dropping series when they are as good as they can get. I don’t follow the numbers all that much, but I know ‘Lost’ hung onto the core group it really wanted, Overall, ratings might have slipped, but it has been doing well with the demographics, and those are what matter.”

MOVING ON: Nicole Sullivan tells us she’s disappointed about the cancellation of her sitcom “Rita Rocks,” but when one door closes, another one opens.

“I think I saw the writing on the wall. Lifetime was a great place to be, but the second season, they put us on at a bad time. The programming department sort of messed up.

“We had a really good audience the first season, but the second season never took off. I’m really bummed, but at the same time, when nobody’s watching your show, it’s pretty depressing,” says Sullivan of the cancellation. “Now, I’m working on a new show for CBS called ‘Tick/Tock.’ We’re in the preliminary stages right now. It’s about a woman who is looking for love and she has a 10-year-old son. We’ll see what happens. I just feel blessed to sort of always get some gigs in TV.”

In the meantime, Sullivan is keeping busy with voice-over work on shows like “The Penguins of Madagascar,” which is airing its half-hour special, “Dr. Blowhole’s Revenge,” tonight (2/15) on Nickelodeon. “How I Met Your Mother” star Neil Patrick Harris has joined the regular cast for the special episode.

“I’ve known him for years. He’s just such a great performer that it’s really a treat to watch him come up with stuff for the character. He could read a phonebook and be interesting, and the writing of this show is so solid that when you add the two, it’s just a winner. Plus, whenever you add in a talent like Neil, it just brings your own game up. You become better,” says Sullivan. “It’s a really cute episode. People of all ages will enjoy it.”

CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF AN ENDING: It now appears that, indeed, “Heroes” has breathed its last as a network offering with no long goodbyes — or any goodbyes, or an ending, even. But, as series star Masi Oka points out, regardless of the show’s renewal — or not — no doubt we haven’t seen the last of his Hiro Nakamura or the rest of the show’s characters.

He’s convinced “that even if NBC dropped it, it would have an ending on a different medium, would continue on as a comic series, a web series, whatever. Somehow, it would be part of the great trans-media movement.”

THE INDIE WAY: Ryan Merriman tells us that “Home of the Giants” is finally on its way to an April 6 release — on DVD. The Haley Joel Osment starrer, about a hometown basketball hero, has been awaiting distribution since 2007 — despite enthusiastic reviews and favorable festival response.

Handsome Merriman’s just been seen starring with Lacey Chabert in the Hallmark Channel’s fun romantic movie “Elevator Girl,” which gets an encore airing this Friday (2/19). He has a second feature awaiting release as well, “The 5th Quarter” — which also stars Aidan Quinn and Andie MacDowell. “It doesn’t have a release date yet,” he says, “but hopefully will soon!”

With reports by Emily-Fortune Feimster