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Ask Stacy – Who is Maggie Q?

DEAR STACY: Who is Maggie Q? A bet is on over whether she had a small role in Steven Seagal’s “Under Siege II.” – William L., Hampton Bays, NY
DEAR WILLIAM: Maggie Q is the international movie actress who first gained fame in Hong Kong action thrillers, who played Zhen in “Mission: Impossible III” and was featured in “Live Free Or Die Hard,” “Balls of Fury,” and “Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon.” The 29-year-old Hawaii native, daughter of a Vietnamese mother and an American father of Polish, Irish and French Canadian descent, was not, however, in “Under Siege 2: Dark Territory.” At least, she doesn’t list it in her credits, nor is she listed in the movie’s credits, and she was just 16 when it was made.