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‘Perfect Couples’ Shows Star David Walton What Not to Do In Real-Life Engagement

David Walton

“Perfect Couples” hottie David Walton says that the writers on his NBC series have practically provided him with a primer of how not to behave as a fiancé – and that’s useful as can be, seeing that the actor is marrying actress/singer Majandra Delfino in Miami March 18.

Walton and Mary Elizabeth Ellis portray the overheated – sexually and argumentatively – twosome among the three “Perfect Couples” on the comedy about marriage-bound pairs.

“Playing Vance, I get to do things I’d never want to do in real life.  The writers make all the wrong choices for me.  I know exactly want not to do and can thereby be a perfect fiancé in real life,” reports Walton, who met his Majandra when they were (perceptively!) cast as boyfriend and girlfriend on the short-lived “Quarterlife” series of 2008.

For instance:  “On your wedding day, when the bride is like, in the room, don’t look out a window really sad and forlornly,” Walton advises.

He considers Vance “a big passionate guy who freaks out a lot.  He’s neurotic, quick to cry, an emotional child, pretty weird.  He’s the kind of guy who will obsess at a store for four hours over whether he should buy tight red pants.  He’ll get depressed and then make a big deal out of selecting the right music to go with his depression.”

Small wonder Majandra “wants to make very sure I do not take work home with me.”

But seriously, “She’s been incredibly supportive of the show.”  And both are pulling for “Perfect Couples” to have a much longer life span that David’s past four series efforts, none of which have gone beyond six episodes.  In fact, the show – which NBC has placed between “Community” and “The Office” – has already succeeded at least in that regard.  “We have 13 episodes locked and loaded” as Walton puts it.  Now they’re waiting to see if there will be a Season 2.

Majandra has her own new series on the way as well, ABC Family’s forthcoming “The Great State of Georgia,” in which Raven Symone is making her return to series TV.

“This is the happiest time of my life.  I don’t know how often life works out this way where everything comes together at the same time,” says Walton.  “I feel like I want to step back and appreciate it.  It’s a whirlwind, but it’s a good whirlwind.”