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Food Network Star Chef Marcela Valladolid — Her Six-year-old Has Preternaturally Precocious Palate

Marcela Valladolid and Fausto Food Network photo

Marcela Valladolid jets from West to East coast today (10/5) with her “Mexican Made Easy” team for several days of party hopping and cooking events – including a Bobby Flay tacos ‘n’ tequila fest that may include a taco standoff — at the 2010 Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival.  Marcela’s also hosting a party with fellow Food Network chefs Aarti Sequeria and Sunny Anderson.

“I’ll be going bananas,” laughs the Tijuana-born chef, whose show debuted early this year and is already shooting its third season.  (New episodes begin airing next month.)  She’s glad “the event is another great platform to talk about Mexican cuisine as it deserves to be talked about – deep-rooted in Mexican tradition and culture.”

Marcela has been working to get the word out that real Mexican cuisine is far different and more varied than the semi-edible stuff widely passed off as Mexican food north of the border at sports events and such.  And she’s been getting tons of thank-you emails from Latinos and gringos alike for her efforts.

“It’s all happened so fast,” says the petite beauty.

Her six-year-old son Fausto will not be traveling with her – “only because they’re serving alcohol, so it’s for 21 and over” — though he’s already famous to Marcela’s followers as her sometimes sous chef.  “I bring him to every event I can.  It’s amazing how he can taste a dish and deconstruct it at his age.  I brought him to one of our favorite restaurants here in Chula Vista (CA) yesterday, and the staff was excited because he ordered grilled octopus.  He said, ‘You can bring the sauce on the side, but I never like it.’  He tried it, and he said, ‘I can taste the honey, Mom.  I really don’t like that.’”

His precocious palate is attributable to the fact “he has zero junk food at home,” she says – along with genes, of course.  “I think it totally depends on the child.”