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Arquette, Lark Tackle ‘Medium’ Body Swap Premise

Patricia Arquette Photo by Michael Yarish

Patricia Arquette and the middle of her “Medium” daughters, Maria Lark, have been having a lark filming the season-opening episode of the CBS series that returns Sept. 24.  She tells us, “It’s kind of a ‘Freaky Friday’ episode.  It’s really cute.”

The Emmy-winning actress says she’s been nervous about the demands of the mother-daughter body swap story that puts her in a 13-year-old’s skin, “but that’s a good sign.

Maria Lark

“Maria is such a good actress.  To see her taking on my character’s personality, it’s funny,” she adds.  “It’s really cool to hear her talk about it: ‘Arquette has a quiet voice.  She’s kind of stable…’  You know, how she’s working at breaking down my character.   She’s really blossomed.  They all have,” she says of her onscreen offspring – Sofia Vassilieva, Lark and Madison and Miranda Carabello.  “They’re such beautiful little flowers, these girls.”

Watching the girls grow has been one of the pleasures of making the series for Arquette, she says.  She’s glad be back as psychic Allison DuBois for the seventh season of the show that’s maintained a devoted following through timeslot and network changes.

Meanwhile, she’s continuing her difficult, sometimes even dangerous, side occupation – working to bring innovative housing and sanitation solutions to Haiti through the Give Love foundation she started with Rosetta Getty earlier this year.   The actress, whose divorce from Thomas Jane was confirmed a few days ago, has been on several trips to the beleaguered island nation.

“It really helps you keep things in perspective, and makes you feel really grateful for the fate you’ve been dealt and your great opportunities,” she says.