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Marty Ingels’ Plastic Christmas

Marty Ingels sent us this.   Speaks for itself:

Shirley Jones and her loquacious character of a husband, Marty Ingels

“It’s beginning to look

a lot like Christmas”

(Marty Ingels Version)


It’s beginning to be a plastic Christmas

 As the snow begins;

It’s expensive and very hard to lean on your credit card

And wait till all the scary bills come in.

But it’s critical that you give on Christmas,

Make the season last;

And you gotta be Santa Claus to everyone else because

They’ll promise you the Ghost of Christmas Past.

* * *

There’s stuff for Dotty & Billy & Martin & Millie

And everyone workin’ at Sid’s;

There’s Lois & Winnie & Mrs. McKinney;

The Cohens, The Franks and the Quids…


* * *

So I celebrate all my Loves at Christmas –

( Thirty Three, I fear; )

And I know as I shop the mall, I’ll be paying for it all

Till it snows next year.