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Upbeat Times for British Pop Star Cum Vegas Headliner Matt Goss

Matt Goss, Caesar's Palace photo

English pop star cum Las Vegas headliner Matt Goss is getting ready to record the follow-up to his popular “Gossy” album, and plans to have it out before year’s end.

His 2009 record was “emotional and melancholy,” to use his description.  “It was made after I came out of a long relationship — 10 years.  Someone told me, ‘Never waste good agony.’  You can usually transform it into some positive energy.”  Now, he says, “I do want to something more upbeat, sexy and swinging.  I want to make a really commercial recording.  I’m enjoying going back to writing.  It feels good to start feeling the sun on your face again, you know?”

The amiable Brit says that after a year and a half of residency at Caesar’s Palace, he’s found “There’s a real community here.  I don’t think people are aware of this feeling of community in Vegas.  People here have been so nice to me.  Performing in the Gossy room has taught me so much — there’s no margin for error.  Some people know me, some don’t,” adds the former Bros boy band member.  “You can’t rely on old hits.  It’s all about the performance, really.

“The good thing about singing is, when I go onstage, every night I sing from my heart and I think that’s why people keep coming back.  It’s never the same from one night to another.  And I love singing for Americans.  It’s an incredible country.  I’ve had stars like Kenny Ortega and Natasha Bedingfield come by, and soldiers and marines as well.  I’ve connected with some of  those guys on Twitter.  It’s an incredible thing to connect with people that way,” he notes.

The down side is, Goss has to contend with cigarette smoke and extremely dry desert air.  “You’ve heard about the infamous ‘Vegas throat’?  It sounds like some sexual connotation, but no, it actually does exist,” he says.

“It’s like drinking a little bit of sand.  You really have to stay hydrated to combat it, and do throat-strengthening exercises.  I have humidifiers all over the room.”

He’ll be ready for his next return to the U.K., it sounds like.  Having recently returned to his homeland to perform at the Royal Albert Hall, he looks forward to doing that again.  “It’s one of the most beautiful venues in the world.

There’s something about walking into that master suite, the main dressing room, and knowing that everyone from McCartney and Clapton to Sinatra has been in that suite — it’s amazing to know the company that’s been in there.”