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Rachael Carpani Talks Cops and ‘Daughters’

Rachael Carpani Lifetime photo

“Against the Wall” star Rachael Carpani is looking forward to catching up on some sleep – now that the first 13 episodes of her Lifetime police drama are almost a wrap.

 “There’ve been a few times I’ve wanted to hit Snooze again on the alarm — I’m not a morning person.  In fact, I have done that and I’ve gotten into trouble,” claims the Aussie actress with a laugh.  Seriously, adds Carpani, “We were just saying the other day how sad it’s going to be not to see each other for awhile.  It’s a fun set, the kind where you find yourself doubling over laughing at midnight.  We were so lucky.  I didn’t meet anybody until we shot the pilot, and then we were saying ‘You look a little like me,’” she says of series brothers Brandon Quinn, Steve Byers and James Thomas — and parents Treat Williams and Kathy Baker. 

 The series has Carpani as an Internal Affairs detective whose job puts her at odds with her cop-filled family.  She’s smart and strong but makes mistakes and sometimes clutzy moves.  “When I read Abby, I thought, ‘I don’t care how.  This character is hilarious.  I’ve got to play her,'” the actress says. 

Carpani is used to putting in long hours on a series set.  She starred for “six and a half of my formative years” on Australian TV’s “McLeod’s Daughters,” which took place in a cattle station in the outback   Of the differences in productions, she says, “Really, it’s just on a bigger scale here.  The crews are pretty much the same.  A set’s a set.  Getting up at 4 a.m. is getting up at 4 a.m.  ‘McLeod’s Daughters’ was more physically challenging; we were on horseback every day.  Obviously, with ‘Against the Wall’ I do feel a little bit of pressure,” she says of carrying the show.  “But I try not to think about that part, and just do a good job.”