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‘Repeaters’ Star de Klerk Gives Homage to ‘Groundhog Day’

Richard de Klerk, Repeaters

Indie film hottie Richard de Klerk (“Cole”), whose new “Repeaters” thriller has been widely compared to “Groundhog Day,” tells us that the G-word “did come up on the set and it has to. You can’t argue with Bill Murray and an amazing film.  But I think enough time has passed that we can take another look at the premise.”

Certainly “Repeaters” takes the idea of characters caught in a day that repeats over and over — and takes it in an entirely different direction from the 1993 rom com.  In “Repeaters,” there are two young men (Dustin Milligan and de Klerk) and a young woman (Amanda Crew) in drug rehab.  And, as de Klerk says, “it gets into the whole moral compass of a person.”  With all the normal laws of time and society are suspended, will a person act honorably, embrace immorality or completely flip out?

Suffice it to say, de Klerk, who is also a producer on the feature, had a lot to work with as an actor.  The film drew raves at the recent Toronto Film Festival.  “It was unbelievable.  I was so grateful,” he says.

Now, “We’re patiently awaiting word from our sales agents.   We don’t rush into something might not be the perfect fit.”

De Klerk’s next project is a documentary close to his heart, “Miles4Justice” that has to do with the organization that stages sailing events to draw attention to human rights issues.