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‘Pair of Kings” Doc Shaw Surprised to Get White Twin

Mitchell Musso, Doc Shaw Disney XD photo

After more than eight months of hard shooting, Doc Shaw’s and Mitchell Musso’s new Disney XD show, “Pair of Kings” wrapped production of its first 21 episodes earlier this month.  Shaw admits, “It feels like we’ve really been away on an island.  Not a relaxation island – an island where I had to work hard.”

In the series, he and Musso play fraternal twin high-schoolers who head to a magical uncharted island after being told they’re rightful heirs to the throne there.  Disney XD-style complications and fun ensue.  “We did a lot of our own stunts.  We did fighting.  We got into harnesses for scenes like when we had to jump out of a bird’s nest and hang glide down to the ground.  We had to jump over, like, a nine foot wall into an imaginary ocean,” Shaw says, referring to his and Musso’s green screen action sequences.  “I’m definitely an athletic person, but I never expected to have to learn all this kind of stuff.  We learned how to shoot with a bow and arrows, we learned kung fu….Some days me and Mitchell kind of regretted having to wake up.  We were definitely tired.”

He says that he and Musso, the former “Hannah Montana” cohort, barely knew each other when they were cast as twin brothers — but fortunately, they hit it off quickly and “started hanging out together almost every day.”

How does Shaw, who is African-American, feel about having a white twin?  “I know, right?”  He laughs.  “Sometimes the crew gets confused on who’s who.”  But seriously, “I was definitely kind of surprised by it.  I didn’ t know how they would sell it.  But this is a magical island, where twins can be born in any ethnicity.  It’s magical, it’s imaginary, it’s just about having fun.”

TACKY TIME:  How distasteful, Kelsey Grammer, to appear on Wendy Williams’ show last week with your new – young – pregnant girlfriend Kayte Walsh in the audience and blithely chatter away about moving permanently to New York like a first-time groom – rather than a man who left a home with a young daughter and son behind just a couple of months ago.

“We’re talking about [moving]… We fell in love in New York, and we like living here.  We have a lot of things in our future and great happiness ahead,” he gushed.   He’s been flaunting pretty blond Kayte elsewhere, too — while soon-to-be-ex-wife of 13 years Camille Donatacci will no doubt be flaunting aplenty on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”  The divorce was only filed in July, with reports that Camille didn’t understand why Kelsey had quit calling home from New York, where he’s appearing in “La Cage aux Folles.”  Whatever back-and-forth public spitting the splitting Grammers may feel like doing, it’s crummy behavior insofar as their children (daughter Mason is eight, son Jude, five) are concerned.

AND:  Speaking of tacky…It’s still kind of amazing that CNN is enshrining Piers Morgan as Larry King’s replacement.  Infamous as a merciless tabloid editor back in the U.K., once referred to by former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s wife, Cherie Blair, as “a man with no moral compass,” tainted by a case of faked photos purported to show British soldiers mistreating Iraqi prisoners, loser in a lawsuit for the publication of pictures of Naomi Campbell attending a Narcotics Anonymous meeting…The man with a self-described “Grand Canyon-sized ego” sleazed his way to the top.