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Tony Shalhoub Talks About Bitty Schram’s ‘Monk’ Return

Tony Shalhoub reports that his one-time “Monk” costar Bitty Schram is due to make her much-talked-about return to the USA Network series in early September, and “We’re all looking forward to that.  We’re all excited to see what the writers have cooked up.”

Bitty Schram in "Monk"

Bitty Schram in "Monk"

Fans of the show were upset back in the midst of its third season when Schram was suddenly let go under the official line that the “Monk” creative team wanted to “go in a different direction.”  Later reports revealed that she’d been among the supporting players in a renegotiation wrangle with the network, which chose to take a hard line against her.  Her Sharona Fleming character was replaced by Traylor Howard’s Natalie Teeger.

“It will be great for the audience to have her back,” Tony feels.  “We’ll see how that character has changed, what the dynamic might be between Sharona and Natalie.  Something tells me they’ll be really good friends.”  Both, of course, have had to deal with Shalhoub’s obsessive-compulsive detective character’s idiosyncrasies in an up close and personal way.

Will it be awkward for the cast having Schram back?  “Oh, no.  I don’t think it will be awkward at all.  I’ve spoken to Bitty through the years, especially around the time Stanley Kamel passed away,” Tony says, referring to their costar who died last year.  “She was close to him, too.  There’s no bad blood.  Nothing but good.”

FROM THE INSIDE LOOKING OUTCorey Reynolds, who is currently starring on TNT’s “The Closer,” admits he misses working on Broadway, but the perks of television are just too good to pass up for the time being.  “I have a tremendous desire to get back to the stage. I received a Tony nomination for my work in ‘Hairspray,’ which was my Broadway debut.  That was a lot of fun, but now I’m kind of in that stage where I’d like to win so the right project would have to come along at the right time,” says Reynolds.  “I will say this – the paychecks aren’t even close to what you get paid in television.  It is a deterrent for a lot of my friends.  I was just talking with my buddy Matt Morrison, who was in ‘Hairspray’ with me.  He’s now starring in the new show ‘Glee.’  We were reminiscing about how different life is as a working New York actor compared to what it is as a working L.A. actor.  We can both breathe a little easier for the time being.”

For now, Reynolds is focused on his work in “The Closer” where he tells us he’s trying to soak up as much knowledge as possible.  “I’m the young guy of the bunch and I’ve had the least experience in the business.  It’s been so great working with so many seasoned actors.  I didn’t go to college so these guys are kind of like my professors.  I’m just trying to get that kind of longevity myself,” he says.  “Luckily I landed on a very supportive show.  G.W. Bailey has told me many times that it’s a blessing and a curse that this is my first experience on a television series because he reminds me often that they’re not always like this.”

WEB BITSHeidi Montag’s recent Twitter tweets include this bold declaration:  “we have the right to bare arms! this is america!!!!! FREEDOM!”  Do you think she  wrote about that ’cause it’s summer and long sleeves can be hot?  Probably not, since she linked to a story about citizens surrendering guns.

In fact, knowing that our readers are a literate lot – and that as such, you probably grimace, as we do, over the widespread mindless mangling of grammar and spelling on the internet – we invite you to point out egregious examples made by folks in the public eye.  Go to the Celebrity Gaffes section of BeckSmithHollywood.com to post your comments.

Nice to see news that Robin Williams will top off his September-launching comedy tour with an HBO special at year’s end – especially considering it’s only been four months since his surgery to replace an aortic valve.  Williams shows off his scar and re-enacts his bike ride with Lance Armstrong last March, just three days before his hospitalization, on the video he and the cycling legend made on Armstrong’s bus between legs of the current Tour de France.  “Lance, wait!  Lance,” Robin wheezes, “wait for me!”  And Armstrong notes that it’s lucky Robin didn’t die that day.  No doubt Robin’s years of being an avid bike rider have helped him bounce back from his operation.  The video, posted on Livestrong.com, also demonstrates that Williams is back in fine comedic form, as he cracks up Armstrong, mocking his compression socks and otherwise acting up in various character voices.

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Tony Shalhoub Already Nostalgic For Monk

Tony Shalhoub

Tony Shalhoub

Tony Shalhoub reports that his “Monk” series troupe is just passing “the half-way point of the season” – in production of the eighth and final season for the USA Network show that’s earned him three Emmys for his portrayal of obsessive-compulsive detective Adrian Monk.  And, he says, “We’re already getting nostalgic for it.  People are already looking at me with puppy dog eyes.”

He admits, “We all love to work, and we all love to have work, so to step away from something so strong and successful – of course there’s a risk involved.”  Still, “I’ve spoken with the writers and I think we’ve all agreed there’s only so much you can mine out of this character.  Nobody wants to move into the area where it starts to feel stale, or the quality starts to drop.  Since everything does have to come to an end, we want it to happen in the right way, where we’re in control of it, not a situation where the plug gets pulled.  I think it honors the audience this way.”

The eighth season premiere is coming up Aug. 7 and Season 7 will be released on DVD July 21.  Among the highlights ahead, he says, is an episode featuring Elizabeth Perkins, “Mr. Monk’s Favorite Show.”  “She plays a woman who was a child actor on Monk’s favorite series he watched when he was a child – the only series he watched, a ‘Brady Bunch’ kind of show.  As an adult, she’s written a tell-all book that is not at all flattering, and Monk’s image of her is destroyed.”  Also, they’ve just finished shooting “Mr. Monk Takes the Stand,” an episode in which Jay Mohr guests as a “super, super strong savvy defense attorney who’s never lost a case, who is defending a criminal Monk knows is guilty.”

MEANWHILE: Shalhoub tells us he’s too “invested and immersed in ‘Monk’ to think much about life after ‘Monk,'” and he’s keeping his options open.  But what about reports that have him involved in a possible revival of “Lend Me a Tenor” with Stanley Tucci directing, and T.R. Knight and Alfred Molina in the cast?  Their reading of the show awhile back was supposed to be hush-hush, but “Grey’s Anatomy” followers keeping abreast of developments in Knight’s departure from that show made it public knowledge.

Notes Tony, “It really is a funny play.  We’re going to be doing another reading of it in a few weeks in NY.  We’re all taking a hard look at it.  No one knows if it’s going to happen for sure.  Everyone tiptoes around it for awhile.”