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What Will Happen to Davy Jones’ Last Musical?

(Daddy’s  Song, by Harry Nilsson, from “Head” 1968)

Will the WWII-era stage musical that the late Davy Jones wrote ever be produced? Last year, the former Monkee told us he’d written a show in the tradition of Hello Dolly, West Side Story — and the vehicle that started it all for him, Oliver! “This has got 12, 13, 14 amazingly great songs,” he enthused. “Each character in the show will have a great song to sing.”

He didn’t have a title, but the energetic performer did start to perform the show for us, even singing part of a song: “I’m going to move away from this town. I’m going to go where no one’s going to find me. And when I do, they’ll understand, they’ll know who – who I really am….”

Davy said, “The music is finished, the book’s finished.” He expected to direct the show, because “I know every character, I know how it should sound and I know how the actors should be speaking. And that’s all there is to it.” He said that he and a partner, Chris Andrews, were looking for “OPM” — other people’s money — to get it mounted, and that they would probably launch it regionally. “Florida, Ohio — every time I’ve talked to a theater administrator about it, they’ve said, ‘Oh, please bring it here.”

Whether his dream will go on now that Jones has passed away of a heart attack at age 66 remains to be seen. It certainly shows that, even though last year’s Monkees reunion tour was cut short, Davy was not slowing down. He was full of talk about his daughters, his horses, his homes in Pennsylvania and Florida. In words that seem especially meaningful now, he also gave his own take on the old saying that today is the first day of the rest of your life: “Today is the only day in the rest of your life,” he said, and added, “Life is very interesting, if you want it to be interesting.”