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Robert Davi Takes His Sinatra Record Project All The Way

Robert Davi wowed ’em at the Feast of San Gennaro Prima Notte bash in Hollywood last week — previewing the smooth and swingin’ sound of his singing on “Davi Sings Sinatra: On the Road to Romance,” his Oct. 24 release Fontana/Universal Music album.  It’s an unexpected pleasure.

The performer best-known for his acting work in such movies as “Die Hard” and “The Goonies” started off as a singer, a trained opera singer, in fact.  He’s also a long-time Sinatra devotee who has a seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of the late performer’s musical training and technique.  His 12-track recording includes such songs as “Witchcraft,” “In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning” and “Nice ‘n Easy.”  He declares, “This music is from the golden age of American music.  Sinatra was its greatest interpreter, the greatest entertainer of all time.” 

As it happened, Davi got his first movie break in Ol’ Blue Eyes’ “Contract onCherry Street.”

“He was great.  Very encouraging.  He took me under wing,” he recalls.  In fact, according to Davi, when the late film producer Cubby Broccoli was looking for a villain for his 1989 “License to Kill” James Bond flick, Sinatra told him to get Davi — and he did.  He never told Sinatra he could sing.

For the past two and a half years, “Davi Sings Sinatra” has been the performer’s labor of love.  He worked with such blue ribbon talent as producer Phil Ramone and musical director/arranger Randy Waldman on the album, and even went back into training to ensure his vocal fitness.  The official record launch event takes place Oct. 19 atL.A.’s The Grove.  Promises Davi, “We’ll have a great band, a hot, cooking band.”

Jack Jones

LET’S MAKE A MEMORY:  Speaking of singing, Jack Jones found out that Monty Hall wanted more than anything to have him sing a song at his 90th birthday party at the Canadian Consulate in Los Angeles this week – and subsequently drove all the way in from his Palm Springs home to do the honors.  Afterwards, Jack asked the Winnipeg-born former “Let’s Make a Deal” host what he wanted most for his birthday.  Still fast on his feet, Monty answered, “I want to celebrate my 91st.”   Ba-dum-bum!