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‘Teen Wolf’ Pack to Howl at MTV Awards

Tyler Hoechlin

Brace yourselves for a lot of exposure to the latest in teen wolf sagas if you happen to watch this Sunday’s (6/5) MTV Movie Awards.  The network’s “Teen Wolf” debuts right after the awards, and they’ll be taking full advantage of the giant numbers of viewers tuning into the event not only as a lead-in, but as a place to plant promos.

“From what I hear there will be a couple of trailers playing.  We’ll all be there,” says Tyler Hoechlin, the one-time “7th Heaven” heartthrob who’ll be seen as the big brother-esque werewolf in the new show starring Tyler Posey.

For the “Teen Wolf” stars, the launch of their show has been a long time coming.  “We made the pilot a year and a half ago,” Hoechlin notes.  “I think this is just the kind of the date MTV had its eye on.  It’s perfect.”

Hoechlin, who played college-level baseball and at one time seriously thought of pursuing a major leage career, says his werewolf role required “a lot of makeup and a lot of physicality, which I enjoy.  With my baseball background and involvement in gymnastics, I’m always a great fan of parts that give me an opportunity to participate in stunts.  The biggest challenge was definitely the makeup.  It was always a couple of hours in the chair, hours  that went by faster if Tyler Posey was sitting next to me” — joking and singing.

Days when Hoechlin was in were-wardrobe were “I’ll just say, a much longer day than others.  The deal was, once they put the claws on, doing things like going to the bathroom are a problem.”

Hoechlin is careful to point out that while “Teen Wolf” has its title and origin in common with the 1985 Michael J. Fox movie, “we have such a different tone.  That was a comedy.  Clearly, ours is much darker.  I empathize with people who don’t want to see a remake of an amazing classic film, but ours is a drama.  But I’m still very honored to be part of what they started.”  Also, admits the hunky Hoechlin, “My family has always joked that at some point I’d play a werewolf.”

In fact, now he’s part of a teen werewolf fraternity that includes “Twilight’s” Taylor Lautner, right?  Hoechlin laughs.  “Well, I know wolves are very much into pack-like behavior.  So maybe we’ll run into each other at the Movie Awards and we’ll see.”