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‘Dancing With the Stars’ — Celebs With Dance Backgrounds Pretty Much Sure Things

Niecy Nash Comedy Central Photo

With Niecy Nash and Louis Van Amstel having been eliminated from ‘Dancing With the Stars’ competition last week, we can’t help thinking about Van Amstel going to lengths to stick up for contestants with dance backgrounds when we talked to him about the controversy over mixing trained and untrained competitors at the start of the season.

‘I have always defended the dance-trained celebrities. In the end, they may have the advantage with the judges, but they also have more pressure…Those who don’t have the dance training, people root for them because they’re the underdogs…You need the good ones to give the audience something to watch while the others are learning,’ he said.

Sure, but three of the four remaining celebrities happen to be those three that had dance experience prior to ‘DWTS’ — Olympic Gold Medal-winning figure skater Evan Lysacek, one-time cheerleader Erin Andrews of ESPN, and Pussycat Dolls leader Nicole Scherzinger (who Van Amstel singled out as a super strong prospect when the season got underway, and who’ll likely win). Only Chad Ochocinco remains of the previously untrained. did the others ever really have a chance?

HELLO AGAIN: Glad to hear that director and one-time ‘thirtysomething’ star Melanie Mayron is taking the reins of ‘Mean Girls 2’ –a direct-to-DVD follow-up to the big-screen Tina Fey hit. This one has a storyline about a high school loner befriending a misfit whose father happens to be rich enough to pay her to do so — and the two outsiders facing off against the nasty but popular girl who leads the crew that makes their lives miserable. Casting is underway.