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Patrick Warburton Reconciles Self to Prospect of ‘Rules of Engagement’ Baby

Megyn Price and Patrick Warburton play footsie on "Rules of Engagement" CBS photo

Sounds like Patrick Warburton is reconciling himself to fatherhood on “Rules of Engagement.”  Last season, his series wife Megyn Price let us know that she and Patrick had been fighting the idea of their characters adding a baby – even if by surrogate, as the storyline featuring Jaime Pressly’s character may go.

But now, he notes, “Ultimately, we probably won’t get our way.  You know, I have four beautiful children in my real world, and Megyn has her family.  Isn’t it horrible — two parents fighting not to have a child?  It could add extra dimension to the show.  I guess you get lazy.  We’ve been having so much fun in an adult show.”

As he puts it, “I really look forward to coming to work.  We sit around, eat and drink – not alcohol – and goof around.”

In fact, Warburton stresses that he’s never been happier with the CBS series that will launch its fifth season Sept. 20.   “I always felt really good about certain element of the show – certainly the cast,” he says of the company including Oliver Hudson, Bianca Kajlich and of course, David Spade.  “I thought it would find itself, and it really did last season.  It got sharper.  They sort of cleared out some of the cornier, hokier aspects of the show.  And adding Adhir Kalyan as a series regular, well, as talented and fantastic as David Spade is, to have someone he can play off so well like this really great.  It’s a better, well-balanced cast of six.”

But about that parenthood:  “I’m sure that’s going to be an integral part of what’s going on with Jeff and Audrey,” he says of his and Price’s characters.  And it makes sense, he adds, because “one of the elements that really works on the show is that it’s really relatable.  This couple has been together a long time.  It can play well.”