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Patricia Wettig Supports Daughter Roxy Olin’s Bi-Genre Career Style

Patricia Wettig ABC photo

Now that the cat’s out of the bag that Patricia Wettig’s Holly Harper character on “Brothers & Sisters” will be suffering a loss of memory in the new season, Wettig lets down and talks about the arc.

“It’s really fascinating to play, I’ll tell you. I’m enjoying it. I’m not much of a business person myself, so it’s hard to find the business part of Holly,” she tells us. “That didn’t come easily to me. But I’m actually having a great time playing this.”

In other “Brothers & Sisters” news, Wettig’s daughter, Roxy Olin, has been back in L.A. from her New York base for awhile, and Wettig has been savoring some togetherness time.
Does this mean the return of Roxy’s “Brothers & Sisters” character, Michelle – who was once expected to be the surrogate for Kevin and Scotty’s (Matthew Rhys and Luke Macfarlane) baby? We left off where that wasn’t going to work out and they might adopt.

“She’s going to be on it. I can say that. I don’t exactly how they’re going to incorporate it yet,” answers Wettig.

The Wettig-Olin family imprimatur is, of course, all over the acclaimed ABC drama that launches its fifth season tomorrow (9/26). Patricia stars, husband Ken Olin executive produces, son Cliff is a writer on the show and Roxy appears on it. In New York, however, Roxy is one of the fashion PR foot soldiers of Kelly Cutrone, palling around with Whitney Port on MTV’s “The City.”

The reality/drama dual career is an unusual arrangement, to say the least — especially since so many actors consider reality TV the enemy.

“I know. I think at first people were going, ‘Wait a minute – you can’t let your daughter do a reality show,’” says Wettig. “You know what – why not? We’re in a time where there is a crossover. Roxy is having a great time doing that show and she’s also a talented actress. I like ‘The City.’ I like to watch it. Ken is on it with her. It’s fun to watch them doing a scene together.”
Any chance that Paticia will also show up on the series?
“Oh, I said to Roxy, I doubt it, but I wouldn’t say that 100 per cent. I think I’m too much the actress, I’m always playing these parts. And I’m too busy right now.”

Patricia Wettig: Great-Grandma Inspired ’19th Wife’ Performance

Patricia Wettig

Patricia Wettig certainly didn’t need to take on Lifetime’s Sept. 13 movie, “The 19th Wife.”  After all, she’s plenty busy enough with her role on “Brothers & Sisters.” She’s also completed writing a new play, “F TO M,” that was unveiled this summer at New York Stage and Film’s Readings Festival.  But Wettig tells us she found her role in the telefilm irresistibly compelling – for personal reasons.  Her portrayal turned out to be a tribute of sorts to one of the women she loved most in her life.

She explains, “When I grew up, my closest relationship, until I was nine, was to my great grandma.  She was married to a Methodist minister.  She was a very strict, very stern, very religious person – except with me.  She just adored me.  I had a special connection with her.  On the outside, she could be so tough.  But she really was so warm.  I honestly loved her more than anyone in the world. 

“When I read this character, she had that tough religious exterior, but such a softness with her son.  She holds on to all this stuff so tight, yet there’s a soulfulness underneath, only seen in the connection with her son.” 

“The 19th Wife” is drawn from David Ebershoff’s best-selling mystery thriller that takes place inside a rogue Mormon sect that still promotes marriage to multiple wives. Wettig plays the woman accused of killing her husband in the movie that also stars Chyler Leigh.  Matt Czuchry plays her son.

Wettig from 'The 19th Wife'

Wettig’s character, complete with bonnet and ankle-length dress, couldn’t be further from her series part.  “I think people are going to think, ‘What’s going on here?’  It is fun as an actress to play something so different,” she says.  “I wondered, ‘Am I going to be able to relate to this speech pattern?’  But when I started to speak the words, I was almost surprised by how easily it came to me.  It didn’t feel like hard work.”

As for her appearance?  “Oh, the hair!” she laments.  “I look like my great grandma.”