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Paul Reiser-Julia Fordham Touching Tribute Song for Soldiers’ Families Surprises Even Them

Julia Fordham, Paul Reiser

Paul Reiser and British songstress Julia Fordham have written a song honoring  soldiers’ families that is bringing tears to people’s eyes.  Not that they planned it that way. 

When the funnyman started noodling on some tunes with Fordham last year, he had no idea that they’d wind up writing a paean to those who keep the home fires burning.  But that is what’s happened with the Reiser-Fordham “UnSung Heroes,” which wowed the crowd at the Life Changing Lives gala in Laguna Niguel, CA, the other day — and which is on its way to release Tuesday (9/21) on iTunes.  An “UnSung Heroes” video is coming out as well.

“There’s something about this that’s a little bigger than us,” Reiser declares.  “It’s got a life of its own.”

Reiser was a musician before turning TV star, you may recall.  He’d been sending music to Fordham, who’s collaborating with him lyrically and vocally, for several months when “UnSung” was born.  The same day Fordham received the melody from Reiser, “She met a woman who had a son serving in Afghanistan and they had a conversation,” he relates.

“Julia has a five-year-old daughter and I have my boys,” he goes on, referring to his 10 and 15-year-old sons.  “It’s so hard to imagine, when you have little kids, separating from them.  And then, being on the front lines somewhere – it’s an unbearable thought.  Julia’s lyrics came to her in a flood and she wrote the song in one shot…The words are simple and pure, which is why I think they’re so powerful.” 

In another touch of serendipity, Fordham tells us that she happened to be chatting with a friend about her collaboration with Reiser, “and coincidentally, she was involved with the Wounded Warriors Project” — one of the beneficiaries of Life Changing Lives.  “The song was so perfect for them, it was almost as if we’d written it for the event.” 

Response from soldiers the next day was so strong, “I was crying, because I felt so humbled that they would feel such a connection to the song,” Fordham says.  

The tune is also part of the Reiser-Fordham November release “Unusual Suspects” album, which they’ll be performing it at Hollywood’s Catalina jazz club Dec. 7 and 8. 

At the same time, Reiser’s busy writing scripts for his midseason replacement “Paul Reiser Show” on NBC.  “We start shooting in October to air the first part of the New Year,” reports the star, who took a hiatus from the spotlight to spend time focusing on his family.  Fordham has been similarly occupied.  “We’re both sort of coming out of the house with this song,” Reiser says.  “We’re very proud of it.  It feels very validating.”