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‘Tis the Season for Celebrity Gatherings

Phyllis Diller, Richard Lewis at Encore's party for 'Method to the Madness of Jerry Lewis' Starz photo

‘Tis the season for celebrity schmoozing at Ho-Ho-Hollywood parties.  Such as…

Peter Krause, Lauren Graham and super producer Mark Burnett were among the luminaries on hand at the warm and beautiful holiday soiree the other night at the exquisite Hancock Park Tudor manse of NBC Chieftain Robert Greenblatt.  The stars schmoozed to the sexy sounds of a sax-led combo, and feasted on holiday fare, from roast turkey and veggies to an array of desserts including candy-coated cream puffs made into a tree. 

Standing next to Jay Leno at one of the buffets, we couldn’t help but see that the “Tonight Show” host had a plate piled high — noticeably high — with prime rib.  Alison Sweeney looked gorgeous with her new bangs.  She was wearing a shimmery dark blue mini dress and leggings.  Jason Isaacs made the scene; his risky “Awake” dual reality drama is among the NBC midseason shows getting early buzz.  The Broadway behind-the-scenes “Smash” is another.  As you may know, Greenblatt, formerly of Showtime, is in the midst of working to get the peacock network back on a proud course.  We’ll see if he feels like celebrating a year from now.

NBC party was Prime rib Time for Jay Leno NBC photo

 Over at the Paramount Studios lot in Hollywood, it was Jerry Lewis and friends partying up the Encore original documentary “Method to the Madness of Jerry Lewis” that premieres Dec. 17.   On hand for the comedy-lovers’  fete were Starz President & CEO Chris Albrecht  and the film’s director/producer Gregg Barson, along with Woody Harrelson, Richard Lewis, Dane Cook, John Landis, John Henson, Rip Taylor, Jill Jacobsen,  Renee Taylor, Norm Crosby, Carl Reiner, Garrett Morris, Robbie Williams and others.  Jeff Goldblum and his band, The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra, serenaded the filled room during the after-party.  But we hear from sources on the scene that it was the 94-years-young Phyllis Diller who was one of the last to leave.  She was enjoying herself, taking pictures with fans. 


Krause, Nealon, Hunt Among Stars Going Green


Sure, everyone’s heard the stories about Hollywood sensitive types who talk a great game about preserving the environment – but squander resources at their homes and and stomp carbon footprints all over the globe in their travels.  The flap over Laurie David’s being cited last year for violating the Wetlands Protection Act when she added a tennis court with a wood and stone path to her Martha’s Vineyard home comes to mind.  Also the fact she was cited in 2005, when she reportedly built a stone fire pit, a barbeque area and a children’s theater stage in a wetlands area without a permit.  That’s Laurie David as in the executive producer of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth,” Laurie David who was on the road with Sheryl Crow, stumping for the environment on Crow’s Stop Global Warming College Tour, Laurie David as in married to Larry “Curb Your Enthusiasm” David.  Ouch.

But the fact is, countless celebrities are doing their parts in big and small ways to conserve.  For instance:

Peter Krause notes that, “You don’t see as many plastic water bottles around the sound stages, and they recycle scripts and rewrites.  I can see a definite change.”  Personally, “I’ve had redwoods and maples and cherry trees planted all over my property.  Not only because of their beauty, but because trees store more carbon than other plants.”

Jay Mohr of ‘Gary Unmarried” reports that his show and all Disney-produced shows have environmentally-conscious sets.  “We have no bottled water because of the plastic. The water is put in five gallon tanks and you drink it out of a tin cup.”

Erica Durance of “Smallville” says,  “Being up in VC, it’s been like that for quite some time – with people into recycling, having organic vegetable gardens in their back yards and such.  Everyone makes their individual efforts.  We bring our own plates to the set so that we don’t use paper plates.  We don’t use all paper cups and throw things away.  We leave our lights off and fans off when we leave our trailers.  We all try in our own little ways to do something.”

“We definitely do recycle here,” says Bonnie Hunt, speaking of her talk show set.  “We have a lot of kids working here who are in their twenties and are really conscientious about it.  Everyone’s got those new aluminum bottles to reuse.  We separate all our stuff for recycling.”

Kevin Nealon of “Weeds” drove an experimental electric car from Saturn for three years.  Now he drives a hybrid.  He also recycles.

Alfre Woodard and her family drive hybrid cars and they’ve had their home outfitted with solar power.  She says it cost “a couple of thousand dollars to install, but the last couple of months our energy bill was like $1.85.”  According to Woodard, her teenage son and daughter lead the way when it comes to things like turning off the water when they brush their teeth.  It’s been easier for them to grasp the whole idea that we’d got to stop strangling the earth, have to help the earth help itself.”