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Louise Roe’s ‘Plain Jane’ a Shocking Experience

Louise Roe

British presenter and fashion journalist Louise Roe of MTV’s “The City” admits of her CW “Plain Jane” reality show, “We’re ridiculously up to the mark.  We are still filming.  We’re filming ‘til literally four days before it airs.  The editors are going to work late at night for sure.”

But despite the last-minute crunch, she’s happy with the show that boasts makeovers “from the inside out.  It’s not just a giant shopping trip to Bloomingdales.”

The first episode has Roe even going so far as to employ a hidden dog training electroshock buzzer on a girl, and giving her a jolt each time she falls back into such no-no behavior as slouching and failing to make eye contact.  They work up to the big reveal, wherein the girls tell their secret crushes their feelings.   Roe hopes viewers get inspired to shape up and speak out themselves.

“We’ve all, every single one of us, had Plain Jane moments where we’ve felt rejected by a guy or lost confidence for some reason.  Hopefully they can watch and relate.  There’s a lot of takeaway information, a lot of tips, for instance, when we go shopping – ‘If your body is like this, wear something like this.’  I hope it will make everybody want to go out and buy shoes!” she adds with a laugh.

Fans can get Roe’s help landing a crush without the electroshock aspect at the CW’s http://headoverheels.cwtv.com/index2.html.