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Will Durst: Laugh the Vote

While many voters across the land shake their heads over the look of the political landscape this election year, comedian Will Durst is having a field day.  He considers this the most fertile election year ever for comedy.  “It’s the longest, and for some reason, everybody’s had a shot at the brass ring.  All the Republicans have had their time in the sun.  It used to be frontrunners in the primaries, and then there were people nobody had heard of at all…audiences wouldn’t have a clue

who I was talking about.  But this year, we’ve had Herman Cain, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry…There were some who weren’t even running — Chris Christie.  For me, comedy is all about shared references, so when the audiences know who I’m talking about, that’s just wonderful.”

            And, he adds, gleefully, “There’s so much to come. There are many bouquets of deliciousness between now and election day — the conventions, the ad campaigns the money and the charges.”  Asked who can be counted upon for a laugh in days ahead, Durst replies, “Mitt Romney, for all of his – he looks great – but he always stumbles.  I think he has electile (sic) dysfunction, I really do.”  Ba-dum-pum!  “They keep saying the primary campaign is going to make him a tougher candidate but the only thing he’s been doing for five year is running for President.   I don’t think there’s any more bending in him.”

            Not surprisingly, the acclaimed political satirist has a crowded roster of dates ahead.  “I’m like an Olympic athlete with a career every four years for a month, so, yeah, I’m going to D.C. in May and I also do a one-man show inSan Francisco every Tuesday.  That way I can get all the material out.  Some of it’s very ephemeral, it only lasts a week a two.”