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‘William and Kate’ Actress Camilla Luddington Feels Sympathy for Kate Middleton

Nico Evers-Swindell, Camilla Luddington Lifetime photo

Camilla Luddington says she has a great deal of sympathy for Kate Middleton, Prince William of Wales’ soon-to-be bride — whom the 27-year-old actress portrays in Lifetime’s April 18 movie, “William and Kate.”

“One day, she is a normal girl going to school, and the next, as soon as it’s first discovered they’re dating, she’s being followed by paparazzi wherever she goes.  She’s constantly under scrutiny for what she wears and where she goes…How she was wearing something sheer at a fashion show and everyone was questioning whether it was appropriate.  People forget there is a real person there.”  (That student-designed sheer dress Middleton wore in a 2002 charity fashion show recently sold at auction for more than a quarter million dollaras, by the way.)

The Oxford-educated actress admits that playing Kate, opposite Nico Evers-Swindell as the Prince, was intimidating.  She was just glad her real-life alter ego wasn’t any more famous.

“I think it would  have been very different had I been playing someone like Princess Diana.  Of course everyone loved her.  My mother was always talking about her and their world.  Whether you’re a follower of the royals or not, living in England, you know about them.  They’re thrown into your face.  The media is on them constantly,” adds Camilla, who hails from the town of Crowthorne, just a short drive from Bucklebury where Kate grew up — but has been living in Los Angeles for awhile.

Camilla’s credits range from guestings on episodic shows like “Big Time Rush” and “The Defenders” to her most recent film, the Hallmark Channel movie “Accidentally in Love.”  She says most of the projects for which she auditions demand an American accent.  So she found making the Lifetime movie a welcome taste of home.  “I don’t have many English friends out here.  Most of my friends are American.  So all of the sudden to be among all these Brits again was fun.  We shot the movie so fast, it was important we get along well, and everyone was so supportive of each other, it helped.  It was great fun, even though we were shooting 14-15 hour days from the start of production ’til we were done.  Working at that pace, shooting so many pages a day, we really became a family,” she says.

Now Camilla is up for an independent feature that would take her back to England, an ironic turn of events for someone who moved to Hollywood and got used to speaking like an American.   “To be honest, I’m not really worried about work at the moment.  After putting heart and soul into a project like this, I’m just getting the chance to breathe.”