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‘Psych’s’ Corbin Bernsen Exhibits Driving Passion for Soap Box Derby Film

Corbin Bernsen

“It’s the 75th anniversary of the all-American Soap Box Derby,” proclaims Corbin Bernsen.  And if the “Psych” actor and independent filmmaker has his way, he’ll be bringing back that once-vastly-popular pasttime of creating and racing non-motorized cars — with his upcoming “25 Hill” feature starring himself and “Dolphin Tale” kid Nathan Gamble.  He’s in the midst of a slew of grassroots activities, working to make it happen.

Already, he’s been on the road fronting screenings and Derby Tour racing events across the land for months.  Now, with Season 6 of “Psych” newly in the can, the one-time “L.A. Law” star says he’ll be going pedal to the metal even more with his promo activities. That will be for most of the next six or seven months, until the movie’s general release.  To say he’s full of passion is an understatement.

“Every weekend I say, ‘What am I doing?'” he confesses.  “But when I did this film in particular — when I found out what had happened to the Derby, that it had collapsed, that kids aren’t making cars anymore…When I met racers and started talking to people, I started realizing, sometimes you just have to follow your heart and you don’t know what it’s for.  There are core values that are intrinsic to the Derby — family, community, team work, sportsmanship, the great things.  These are values that are deteriorating.  I know it sounds simpleton, but I really believe it: our problems are so related to the breakdown of values, values we’ve fought wars for, crossed the country in covered wagons for.  Still, they do exist, that spirit is alive.  I see it.” 

Bernsen wrote, produced and directed “25 Hill.”  He was in meetings with distributors in L.A. last week, insisting, “I just can’t hand it off straight to distribution without being sure it’s going to be properly sold, if you will, for its greatest impact.  ‘Hill’ is taking a lot more effort than a lot of things we’ve done,” he concedes.  “There’ve been a lot of sleepless nights and working my butt off, but you know something?  That’s how change happens — getting out there and doing something.”

MEANWHILE:  Bernsen is psyched about “Psych.”  “The big thing to look forward to this season is the incredible lineup of guest stars,” he says of freewheeling USA Network crime dramedy, in which James Roday plays a fake psychic detective and Dule Hill his longsuffering partner.  And what a list.  Already, Malcolm McDowell has appeared.  Ahead are guestings by Danny Glover, Wayne Brady, Cheech Marin, Molly Ringwald, William Shatner, Greg Grunberg, Cary Elwes, Louis Gossett, Jr., Liza Lapira, Joey McIntyre, Jason Priestley, Wade Boggs, Sara Rue — and more.  This week’s Halloween episode featured big-screen “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” star Kristy Swanson in a murder mystery that involved a vampire. 

Bersen believes the attraction is, “It’s a really, really fun show to work on.  If you’re an actor, sometimes it’s, ‘Hey, if I’m going to spend 10 days somewhere, I’m going to have a good time.'”

Ralph Macchio Exposes Heretofore Unknown Comedy Chops

Ralph Macchio USA network photo

The New Year is holding a lot of promise for Ralph Macchio — some of that due to his hilarious “Wax On, @#!$ Off” video.  He figures that between its home on Funny or Die, You Tube and other sites, it’s had more than two million views at this point.  Along with the satisfaction of having a viral video that’s tickled the funny bones of computer users around the globe, “Wax On, @#!$” has “had an impact in the industry,” says the actor who’ll forever be remembered as the original Karate Kid.

He notes, “Funny Or Die is such an industry-savvy website, I knew if everything came into alignment, it would get passed around and give people a sample of my sense of humor.  I have an irreverent sarcasm people don’t know about.”  The video, directed by his friend, Todd Holland of “Malcolm in the Middle” and “Larry Sanders” fame, “generated a decent amount of activity for me.  That was part of the plan.”

“Wax On, @#!$ Off,” in case you missed it, has Ralph’s family, manager, mailman and others holding an intervention for him because his clean-cut family man image is destroying his career — with Ralph subsequently attempting to get into TMZ-worthy shenanigans.  Sitting out on the street, he looks despairingly at a poster for the new “Karate Kid” starring Jaden Smith.

Macchio plays it straight — make that straight-laced — on “Psych” tonight (12/8) as a by-the-book police academy instructor charged with whipping James Roday’s and Dule Hill’s characters into cops worthy of the uniform.  It’s a nod to the “Police Academy” movies.

“Those guys are so much fun to work with, it’s like being in theater camp with a couple of cameras,” he says.  “That show has got its own heartbeat.  It has such a following — they call themselves ‘Psych’-Os.  It’s been picked up for a sixth season.  You know the odds of that in television today,” adds Ralph, who tips that there is more to his character than initially meets the eye.  “But I don’t want to give it away.”

The door is also open for future appearances for the actor, who also has a “The Whole Truth” dramatic turn coming up.  In the wake of those guestings and his run on “Ugly Betty,” he’d like a regular series berth.  In his perfect world, he says, that would be in an ensemble show with dramatic moments and comedic irreverence,” real subject matter and real scenarios.

“We’re nearing the onset of the crazy pilot season.  As much as people talk about pilot season being year-round now, there’s still a real frenzy in February and March,” he observes.

He also has a project in the world as a producer for A&E that has to do with the gypsy subculture in New York City.  Stay tuned.

Lo Bosworth Braces for Kristin on ‘The Hills’

Lo Bosworth

Lo Bosworth

Will it be a case of dueling divas clawing each other on the next round of MTV’s “The Hills”?

Audrina Patridge has already admitted she’s not a fan of Kristin Cavallari joining the cast of the show after the departure of Lauren Conrad, but Cavallari’s former “Laguna Beach” co-star Lo Bosworth tells us she’s excited.

“She’s my friend.  We grew up together.  She’s the life of the party so I’m happy to have her,” claims Bosworth of Conrad’s high school nemesis, who has clearly been brought in to stir the pot in this oh-so-realistic reality show that’s expected to return to the tube in September.

“Lauren’s my best friend so I’ll miss doing the show with her.  It is certainly going to be different with Lauren not filming and now Kristin doing the show,” she notes.  “Lauren is such a neutralizer and she brings like a calm to the show that nobody else does.  Kristin brings the drama…hopefully there will be some kind of balance.”

Bosworth tells us she’s trying to stay less focused on the drama because she’s got a budding career to think about as she’s hoping to transition into television hosting.  She has no plans to leave “The Hills” — but even she has no idea how long it will last now that Conrad is gone and Audrina is set to leave to do her own Mark Burnett-produced reality show for E! as soon as filming wraps on the bonus episodes for Season 5.

“I think we’ll just have to see how fans react to the episodes with Kristin,” she says. “I think that will be the true sign of what’s going to happen with the future of the show. Hopefully it will be ok.”

PSYCHED UPMaggie Lawson is used to playing a detective, but not one with great taste in clothes.  The “Psych” actress took a small break in between her series chores to play Lacey Smithsonian in the Lifetime Movie Network’s TV movies “Killer Hair” and “Hostile Makeover,” airing June 21 and 28, respectively.  The two murder mysteries are based on author Ellen Byerrum’s popular “Crimes of Fashion” franchise.

“From the time I read the script I knew I must do this.  In a lot of ways I’m drawn to detective-like characters but usually detective and girly don’t go together,” notes Lawson, who stars alongside Mark Consuelos and Mario Cantone.  “The bonus is that I get to do it with fabulous clothes, hair, and makeup.”

With a total of six books in the franchise, Lawson tells us she’d definitely be on board for more movies.  “If this doesn’t speak to the female audience then we have failed miserably because it has every element that any girl would love.  Although I think there is something for everyone,” she adds.  “I would be so lucky to continue playing this character so I hope they make more of these movies.”

MEANWHILE:  Lawson is back working on “Psych” for a fourth season – and she says, “I feel like more people are starting to get to know the show.  I don’t even know if everyone has USA Network on their cable lineup, but it seems through DVDs and the Internet, it’s helped get our show out there a lot more.  We just count our blessings every day on that show. There’s so much love among the cast and crew.  It’s a dream job.”

THE INSIDE TRACK: Top drummer Kenny Aronoff, who’s been having a blast touring with John Fogerty, tells us he can’t get over the work ethic of the rock icon.  At each venue, the band “plays for an hour, and then John joins us for two hours or so of sound checks.  And in that two hours, he’ll play ‘Born on the Bayou’ for 30 minutes, walking the entire room, be it a hockey rink or an arena, during which time he repositions the speakers, the PA — from every area.  He wants everyone in the audience to have a great seat and hear the music properly.  It’s that intense with him, and that’s exactly where I’m at,” adds the percussion master, who, among other achievements, has been named the No. 1 Pop/Rock Drummer and the No. 1 Studio Drummer for five consecutive years by the readers of Modern Drummer Magazine. “You can’t let a day go by without being your best, otherwise, let’s go to the beach.”

Aronoff plays on two of the cuts on Fogerty’s highly-anticipated The Return Of The Blue Ridge Rangers” fall release album, for which the former Creedence Clearwater Revival frontman put together a dream team of guest artists.  “I did ‘When Will I Be Loved,‘ the Everly Bros. song, and I did Ricky Nelson’s ‘Garden Party,‘” reports Aronoff.   Bruce Springsteen and Don Henley overdubbed those songs, respectively.

Aronoff notes that Fogerty is just as exacting when it comes to recording as he is in live performance.  He discussed the drums Kenny would use in detail, then set up the bass drum himself, then spent time “positioning it down to the centimeter, tuning it – and everything he does makes a difference.”

Aronoff will be playing with Fogerty, the band, and the L.A. Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl July 2nd 3rd and 4th , then it’s off to Europe with Fogerty & Co..  And he has a passel of other commitments coming up as well, including a gig on a Chinese TV show he describes as that country’s version of “American Idol,” “only with bands.”  Kenny also just got his first tattoo – courtesy of celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D, to be seen on a forthcoming episode of TLC’s “LA Ink.”

With reports by Emily-Fortune Feimster