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Blake Shelton Knows He’s in for it With Marriage Comment

Blake Shelton

Hot country heartthrob Blake Shelton knows he’s in for it after having let drop the other day that he’s thinking of marriage with his long-time girlfriend and fellow country star Miranda Lambert.  “Anytime you say something like that, you know, ‘Oh, man.  I’m going to have to hear about this for awhile,’ and you kinda kick yourself,” he tells us.

But that’s how he feels, right?  “Yeah, I definitely can see that happening one of these days.”

And what does she say?  “I don’t’ know what she wants to says about that,” he replies.  “You’ll have to ask her.”  Stay tuned.

Shelton will be in the spotlight this weekend, in Las Vegas for the 45th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards which is being carried live on CBS Sunday (4/18).  He and buddy Trace Adkins, who have an instant bar classic with their good time rolling “Hillbilly Bone” duet – up for Vocal Event Of The Year honors – will perform.  There’ll be radio appearances to do, gatherings to drop by, before the big event.

“I know I’ll have fun.  I have fun wherever I go.  Just because I’ll have the chance to see a lot of people I don’t get to see that often, I know it’ll be a great time,” he says.  He adds that the awards “are a great chance, especially for new artists, to get exposure in front of a wider audience than they get on country radio or cable TV.”  Reba McEntire hosts the show that boasts a bonanza of star performers (John Fogerty, Rascal Flatts, Miranda Lambert, Toby Keith…) in addition to presenters the likes of Kristen Bell, Jamie Foxx, Julianne Hough, LL Cool J and Matthew McConaughey.

Shelton gets lots of exposure in old media and new.  He built a gigantic Twitter following with his funny, unguarded remarks, though recently he cut back on tweets to focus on other things.  A current offering on his blakeshelton.com site allows fans to download clips of Shelton telling their ex-girlfriend, boyfriend, bad boss or various others (their choice) to “Kiss My Country A—“ as in one of his popular tunes.  And he’s blazing a trail with his “Hillbilly Bone” album that Warner Music Nashville released in a  new “six pak” format consisting of a half dozen tunes at a slashed price.  He reveals that his next six pak will be out “in late August or early September.”

AND IN THIS CORNER:   Little people have been have been trying to fit in for years, as can be seen on shows like TLC’s “Little People, Big World,” but the guys on Spike TV’s “Half Pint Brawlers,” are embracing their differences.

“I’ve been debating those guys for the last eight years on radio and such and it’s great debates,” says Puppet – a “midget wrestler” who runs the Half Pint Brawlers wrestling organization.  “They don’t like that I use the word midget in my advertising, but I refuse to bend on that because it’s a marketing tool.  Midget wrestling gets people out to the shows.  They won’t come out to see little people because they won’t know what it is.  I understand where these other ‘little people’ are coming from but we’re professionals and we’re just out there to entertain.”

The guys will certainly be doing a lot of entertaining both in and out of the ring when their show premieres June 7 on Spike TV.  “A lot of times when people hear midget wrestling they think it’s so degrading but once they see it, they realize it’s a lot of fun.  People think it’s going to be more of a joke but these guys are athletes.  They come off the top rope and do hardcore moves.  Anything that you see on WWE, these guys are going to do it.  You didn’t use to see that back in the day.  It used to be that the midgets were the joke.  It was more of a circus.  I’ve really pushed away from that,” Puppet tells us.  “This company is just a great way to be an entertainer.  How many people can say they tour around the nation, they wrestle, meet girls, have a few beers, and get paid to party?”

WOMAN OF MANY TALENTS:  Jane Seymour is sitting on top of the world.  And now her fans can sit there with her.  She’s making couches.  Jane will on hand tomorrow (4/17) in High Point, North Carolina, to introduce the line of furnishings she has designed for the major AICO firm, with founder and designer Michael Amini.  The High Point Market is the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world, bringing more than 80,000 people to High Point every six months when  the top manufacturers and retailers gather to study what’s new in the furniture world.  This year, it’s Jane.  She has already had grand success with her Open Heart line of necklaces, rings, bracelets, brooches and other shiny objects, all reflecting the open heart philosophy Jane has put forward in several books.  And although the artist formerly known as “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” is also painting up a storm as one of the top-selling oil and watercolor artists in the land, she’s not neglecting her acting.  She has signed to star in a romantic comedy feature film called “Love, Wedding, Marriage.”  She’ll race off to start it right after High Point.  It seems Jane’s career is always at a high point.

THE BIG SCREEN SCENE:  Casting is being completed for Kathleen Turner’s indie film “The Perfect Family” – which certainly sounds like a juicy acting vehicle for her.  The movie has Turner as a wife and mother who is in the running for Devout Catholic Woman of the Year honors – while unbeknownst to her fellow faithful, her daughter is gay and having an in-virtro baby with her lesbian mate, her son has just left his wife, and her own marriage is in trouble.  Production starts in early May.

(With reports by Emily-Fortune Feimster)