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Roslyn Kind: Music Remained a Communication Channel When Mother Suffered Alzheimer’s

Roslyn Kind

Roslyn Kind is among the celebs who’ll be turning out Sunday (10/9) in L.A.’s Century City for the Alzheimer’s Association’s 19th annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s event.  The singer, also known as Barbra Streisand’s sister, cared for their mother after she began showing signs of Alzheimer’s following open heart surgery at age 82, until her death at 93.

“They told me changes might happen down the road — she’d been hours under anesthesia with the heart-lung machine going — but I thought, ‘Changes?  She’s sharp as a tack.’  Little by little it started happening, the taking things out of the refrigerator and putting them in the cupboard, forgetting the stove was on, wanting to run away.”  Kind points out that she was fortunate enough to have 24-hour help at her home.  “I have friends now that are dealing with it, and it’s not easy.  I tell them the book  The 36-Hour Day is really helpful in terms of letting you know what to expect and how to deal with it.”

Kind found that music remained a channel for communication and companionship with her mother, who had a “beautiful soprano voice.  She remembered the melodies even when she’d forgotten the words.  And when she forgot the melodies, she’d make new ones.”  After her mother was incapacitated in a fall, she’d sing for her at the hospital, she says.  She’s shared that magical musical connection elsewhere, like the Wexner Heritage Village facility in Columbus, Ohio, where she visited last month and joined the rabbi there in sharing music with Alzheimer’s patients.

“I sang and played tambourine and hugged them.  These people, they need to be touched and hugged.  It’s so easy to give a hug, so easy to give a smile,” she says.
Kind (roslynkind.com) is bringing her lustrous vocals to L.A.’s Catalina Jazz Club Oct. 21 and 22.