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Life’s Still a Drag for RuPaul

"RuPaul's Drag Race" Logo photo

RuPaul is certainly breaking barriers with his popular Logo show “RuPaul’s Drag Race” — which has attracted a viewership across genders, ages, races and sexual orientations, and is already green-lit for its Season 3.  First,  he’ll see whether his new spinoff series, “RuPaul’s Drag U,” debuting in July, will add to his success.

The latter show features RuPaul and drag queen pals taking on the task of makeovers of “biological women.” No doubt, mascara-fueled fierceness will ensue.

Despite the homophobia that still blatantly exists in today’s society, the famous drag queen tells us he’s lucky to have so much support.

“It just goes to show you the power of drag.  The truth is, everybody loves drag whether they admit or not.  Whenever I’m in drag and see babies in strollers, you see their eyes glaze over and all they see is color and dangly, shiny jewelry and they’re in love.  At their heart, that’s what people love about drag – the freedom and the color and all that,” says RuPaul, who hopes the rest of society begins to be more accepting of everyone.

“I think we’ve just come out of a real fear hostage situation.  I think it was self-imposed. People really get off on being fearful.  I think it heightens their experience. I don’t understand it,” he adds.  “Acceptance is really something between each person and themselves.  If you can love and accept yourself then you can love and accept all the people around you.”

However, what people say and what they do are two different things – as this sassy drag queen can attest.  “I’ve been doing drag for 28 years and I know what people are really like.  Our culture is such a hypocrisy and a dichotomy.  We say one thing but we do another thing,” he notes.

— Emily-Fortune Feimster