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It’s Stay-at-Home Dad Time for Real, for ‘Parenthood’s” Sam Jaeger

Sam Jaeger ABC photo

Sam Jaeger, who plays stay-at-home dad Joel Graham on NBC’s so-very-good and so-very-renewed ‘Parenthood,’ is using his hiatus to play stay-at-home dad for real. Jaeger and his wife have a seven-week-old son — who’s in his arms throughout our conversation — in addition to her 15-year-old daughter.

He already knows that Season 2 will crank up production mid-July, and that it will bring ‘a few more hiccups’ in his character’s relationship with attorney wife Julia (Erika Christensen).

‘We’ll see how the relationship changes if two people are not on the same page about their roles in the family,’ he says. ‘Michael Chambon, in his book, ‘Manhood for Amateurs,’ talks about how he was at a grocery store, and someone told him what a great dad he was, just by watching him with his son. What an interesting exchange it was, and what would it take for a woman to get the same compliment? It doesn’t take much to be considered a great, or even a good father, the expectations unfortunately are so low,’ notes Jaeger, as he gives his son a bottle. ‘I really do want to be a great father to my boy and my girl. It’s certainly not easy, but it’s one of those challenges that I’m really excited about in this life.’

The handsome Jaeger hopes the network shows some repeats of ‘Parenthood’ episodes this summer, since ‘a lot of people have just discovered the show. Hopefully, they’ll build on that. It’s interesting, the kind of outreach the show has. I was walking home and I heard, ‘Are you on ‘Parenthood?’ and it was a teenage girl who’d run after me to have her picture taken with me. The show casts a wide net; it’s not just for thirtysomething women.’

THE INDUSTRY EYE: With the internet abuzz about Dwayne Johnson joining Vin Diesel and Paul Walker — caro pra chuchu! — for ‘Fast and Furious 5’ we get word that the film team is busy casting seven Brazilian characters. Actors have to be fluent in Portuguese.

Encouraging news for those who are feeling exhausted by TV scandal, sleaze and brainlessness. Casting notices have gone out for well-groomed, articulate, telegenic doctors, personal finance experts, relationship and lifestyle authorities — with undeniable credentials — to populate programs on OWN. That’s the Oprah Winfrey Network, you’ll recall, which debuts in Jan. 2011.

Christian Slater and Eva Longoria Parker head up the low budget feature ‘Without Men.’ Nice duty. It’s planned as a three week shoot in scenic Santa Barbara.