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‘Falling Skies’ Rising Star: Sarah Sanguin Carter

Sarah Sanguin Carter

TNT didn’t waste any time committing to a Season 2 pickup of the Steven Spielberg/ DreamWorks Television “Falling Skies” sci fi series. And no wonder.

“We’re thrilled it’s as successful as it is — with an average of 6.4 million viewers a week,” enthuses Sarah Sanguin Carter. The blond beauty plays the tough, mysterious Margaret on the Noah Wyle starrer about humans contending with life after an alien invasion. She tells us they’ll resume filming this coming October in Vancouver — which the rising young actress/singer says “is nice for me, because my Dad lives in Vancouver.”

Carter makes it clear she’s not one to pore over blogs and reviews about the show, but she is aware that response to her character has been positive. “It’s such a treat to play a character as complicated as she is. She obviously wants to be with the community, and the protection and the safety that comes with that. But she has this deep wisdom that she’s ultimately alone. Her nature is one of a survivor, one of a warrior, that kind of comes first. It’s lovely to watch her progression through the season,” says Cartner, whose prep for the role included immersing herself in the Israeli self-defense techniques of Krav Maga.

As all-consuming as it might seem to be playing a hardened survivor of the earth’s worst cataclysm on a hit series, Carter has other irons in the fire. The performer (previously seen on “Shark” and “Entourage” among other shows) is also managing to take on two movie roles and the making of her band’s first album this year.

“I had one episode off and during that time I was able to squeeze in a great little role in ‘The Vow’ with Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum. Talk about switching gears!” she notes, referring ot the forthcoming Screen Gems film. “I was so deep in Margaret’s world, and then I had to clean up, brighten up, and show up on this huge wonderful set and deliver romantic comedy.”

Next month, she’ll join James Van Der Beek to make the Lifetime movie, “Salem Falls,” which she describes “a sweet romantic story and I play an Erin Brockovich-type character.”

And right now, she and her Sanguindrake band mates are figuring out the title of their debut album, which she expects to have out later this summer. She describes it as “Abbey Road psychedelic folk rock — but it turned out to be a sound that I haven’t heard before. I’m more excited about that than anything.”