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Good News, Bad News for ‘Playboy Club’s’ Sean Maher

Sean Maher

What a rollercoaster of emotions for Sean Maher.  The “Playboy Club” actor chose to come out as gay as the new season was being launched.  He was in the midst of a heady swirl of  “a ton of positive response,” as he told us.  And now the show’s been cancelled after a mere three airings.  He is sad, but glad to have had the opportunity to express his truth.  Ironically, Sean’s storyline, as a closeted gay man in the ’60s with a lesbian Playboy bunny wife, was probably the most interesting thing about “Playboy Club.” 

Sean doesn’t have to wonder what will come next, work-wise, because he’s already doing an indie film he’s not at liberty to discuss as yet.

“I’m still overwhelmed by outpouring of love and support I’ve received,” says the actor, who answered emails and texts for eight hours without a break the day his story came out.  “I did not expect the size and scale of it — even from the business as well.  I’ve heard from studio executives and casting heads, commending me on my decision and saying they’d fight harder for me.   I’ve also gotten Twitter responses from young people who said, ‘I was so inspired by your story I just came out to my parents, and it went so well.’  Those were the most moving of all.”

Maher, whose past credits range from “Firefly” to “The Street” can only guess as to how his announcement would have gone over 10 years ago as compared to now.  “I think this response is proof that times have changed, but I wonder, are there some people out there who will shut the door on me?”

Maher says he and his long-time partner, Paul, with whom he’s adopted two children (a four-year-old daughter and one-year-old son), “would love to get married.  We want to plan it and have it be a party and an event.  There was a fleeting moment when [same-sex marriage] was legal in California, and people were rushing to get married.  But we didn’t want to feel rushed.  We have faith it’s going to come back.”  For the time being, he says, they’re putting their energies into planning their daughter’s five-year-old birthday party.

 THE VIDEOLAND VIEW:  Don’t cry, “Dance Moms” fans.  The first season ended yesterday, but the  Lifetime show that brings us over-the-top, crazed stage mothers has become so successful that they’re now planning another one.  Yes, “Dance Moms 2” is in the works, with producers already looking at submissions from dance studios across the country as well as individual parents and dancers.  Per casting notices, “dancers must be ages 3-13 and their Moms and Dads must be serious about competing and winning dance competitions.”  They’ve even asked for lists of awards and accomplishments from “Dance Moms” wannabes.  Gluttons for punishment, these people.

They’re getting ready to shoot the pilot for USA Network’s “On We Go” – which has one of the most amusing premises we’ve heard in a while.  This is the show in which Nathan Lane is playing an actor named Jasper Fallon, who has spent the last 30 years trying to make it on Broadway.  Unfortunately for him, his resemblance to Nathan Lane has ruined his chances, so now he’s returning home to Texas to care for his ailing Pa.  Now, if only the show can live up to that.