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Sterling Beaumon’s ‘Lost’ and Sounds

Sterling Beaumon — that’s ‘young Ben Linus’ to ‘Lost’ fans — admits he’s been getting peppered with queries from strangers and friends alike about the show’s May 23 finale. ‘It’s the number one asked question: ‘What is going on? Please tell me whatever you know.”

Of course, he is staying mum, except to note, ‘It’s really hard to live up to Michael’ — as in Michael Emerson, with whom he shares the powerful role. ‘I’m hoping that I did. I think I did. He’s such an amazing actor and he’s created such a great character.’

Beaumon finds the show’s ending ‘bittersweet’ but is ready to move on. In fact, he’s focused on his music career now, with his album ‘Step Back to Reality’ just out on iTunes, Amazon.com and elsewhere. It was two years in the making. The self-possessed and strikingly mature 14-year-old, who’s been singing and playing instruments since he was a small child, stresses that he stayed away from the over-produced, ‘completely synthetic’ sound found all too commonly these days, to his mind — with many young artists relying on Auto-Tune to correct off-key singing.

Instead, ‘We wanted to have a very ‘live’ sound,’ he says. ‘It does take a lot of focus, especially when you’re on a budget as I was. You rehearse a lot. One of the problems I went through was, my voice started to change as I was recording it. My voice is still changing, but I have more control over it now and I can use the range I have a little bit easier.’ That’s good, because next on his agenda is a string of live performance dates.