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Comic John Pinette: They’re Food Jokes, Not Weight Jokes

John Pinette

The very funny funnyman John Pinette, whose “Still Hungry” special has its Comedy Central premiere tonight (7/29), is about to take a month off the road from his normal hectic itinerary of standup dates.  He’ll get “back on some kind of schedule” and have a chance to get in better shape as well, he lets us know.   Rotund as he is, “I don’t want to glorify being heavy,” he insists.  “I laugh about it, or talk about it as I would any trial or tribulation in life.”

But weight-related jokes are his stock in trade.  Aren’t those on the un-PC list nowadays?

“I would say the weight jokes are really more like food-oriented jokes,” Pinette differentiates.  “I did ‘Show Me the Buffet’ in ’98.  Now we have three shows on about cake, and 14 stars out there that — they make food, and that’s all they do.  I actually prefer to think about it as I was ahead of the curve.”

He also notes, “The parameters of what makes people laugh, you could drive a 747 through.  There’s room for all kinds of comedy.  I try to be a little bit cleaner than some, a little bit more family-oriented.  I’m not St. Francis up there, but I try to have some respect where maybe you can bring your kids, and Grandma won’t go screaming out of the room.”