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Gospel Great Bebe Winans — How He Gets Through Tough Times

CeCe and BeBe Winans

Gospel music greats Bebe and Cece Winans are being greeted by starry-eyed crowds, city to city, wherever they go this summer — as they’re out on their first full-fledged tour together in 15 years. ‘It’s humbling to have the kind of excitement and support we’re getting,’ Bebe tells us. ‘You know, you hear it all the time: ‘You can’t stay away that long. People forget.’ Of course we didn’t count on 15 years to go by.’

They’ll be segueing from North America to England next week. Their hit comeback album, ‘Still’ is newly in release there. South Africa is also on the itinerary.

‘That’s exciting, but at the same time it causes me to cry,’ he says with a laugh. ‘Plane rides are plane rides, and South Africa, even though it is so worth the trip — that’s a long plane ride and it’s wear and tear on the body. I’m glad I’m in the frame of mind where I’m watching what I eat and exercising.’

In fact, he’s become a runner in the last four years, in addition to keeping up a commitment to hit the gym Mondays through Fridays wherever he goes. It’s been some 15 years since he shed unhealthy excess weight, and he’s kept it off. ‘And the return is great, because I have enough energy to do all the things I’m doing,’ he adds.

Bebe and Cece have been through hardships and personal turmoil since their last big tour outing, including his bitter divorce and the loss of their brother Ronald, and their father. He says the hard times really have made him stronger as a man and as a man of faith.

‘I learned that hat life is altered but you can live a happy, altered life. I’m in a place in my life now where I really am happy. It’s not manufactured, it’s a reality,’ he says. ‘Life happens, it really does, but in everything there is still a choice. I choose to find the good in a bad situation. I choose to get up instead of staying down. I choose to learn and move forward. People sometimes look past the simplicity of the answers that are there. For me, the answers are my family, my faith and my decision. It really boils down to that, but it’s true. I have too much to be happy about to be sad.’