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Stacy Keibler Leads Fans to Fantasy Football Frolic

Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler admits she’s no expert on fantasy football – yet – but the WWE diva-turned-actress knows enough to be hosting tonight’s (8/27) Superdraft VIP party at Las Vegas’ Palms Casino Resort.

“Fantasy football has become so big.  I’m excited about it.  I’m a big Baltimore Ravens fan.  I used to be a Ravens cheerleader and a season ticket holder,” she reminds.  “By getting involved in your draft you learn not only more about your own team, you get more involved in all the teams.”

Certainly, a lot of the same fellows who followed her wrestling career are bound to be aboard this odd-yet-growing phenomenon of men and occasionally women who spend money to create fantasy football teams.  In the case of Superdraft, it’s about football, but it’s also about partying.  Keibler points out that the relatively new Superdraft weekend festivities span several events, including a model search.  “Ashton’s (Kutcher) doing a live podcast.  Snoop Dogg is performing.”  Some 2,700 people are expected.

The popular blond personality, also remembered for her stint on “Dancing With the Stars,” just finished filming an episode of NBC’s “Chuck” for the fall – playing an undercover CIA agent.  “Steve Austin is also in it.  We know each other from our WWE days, you know.  We get to have a little bit of a fight.”

Keibler also has a movie in the can, “Dysfunctional Sons.”  She’d love to do a sitcom – or a role in a high-octane movie.  “My career has been more of a marathon than a sprint.  I get offers all the time to do things, but I try to be smart about what I do,” she says, “ to only do things that are right for me and make sense.”