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HEIDI KLUM: ‘I’m Becoming My Grandmother’

Heidi Klum Lifetime photo

Heidi Klum Lifetime photo

Fans of German supermodel-mogul Heidi Klum are well aware by now that the “Project Runway” hostess doesn’t let pregnancy slow her down.  Expecting her fourth child in October, she tells us she’s feeling good.

“I have to say I got that from my grandmother.  My grandmother had a lot of children, and it’s funny, but I’m turning into my grandmother now,” she says.  “I loved my grandmother.  My daughter Leni is named after her.  She always would tell me about when she had her children — for her, the most important thing was her to have a big family.”

Not surprisingly, Heidi remembers her late grandmother “was a beautiful woman.  I’ve only seen photos of her when she was young.  I only remember her being older.   She was like this fuzzy and warm person, and she would always have great stories to tell.  I would lay in the bed with her and she would tell me things about our family, and things from the war, and …she was always great.

“Now, I’m like, ‘Oh, my God.  We have four children!’” she says, referring to her brood with husband Seal.  “I would never have thought, when I was little, that I would have such a great big family.  It’s fun.”

HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO: Spike TV is taking adrenaline to the next level in their just-launched “Surviving Disaster” show, in which dashing ex-Navy Seal Cade Courtley takes viewers through a series of simulated disasters and teaches them how to survive.  “One of the senior executives at Spike said she woke up one night thinking, ‘What would I do if this or that happened?’  She thought it would be great to do a show where we came up with the ultimate survival manual, but for situations anybody can find themselves in,” explains Courtley, who simulated an earthquake, shark attack, plane crash, nuclear attack, mall siege, and bio-terrorism attack.

Cade Courtley

Cade Courtley

Luckily Courtley’s military training turned out to be a huge asset for the show.  “After making it through Seal training and the stuff I did as a Seal, I guess you start to feel like you can make it through anything.  When you have that kind of a mindset, there’s a certain confidence that goes along with that.  The confidence is really helpful when all hell breaks loose,” he notes.  “We try to teach people, ‘Yeah, that just happened.  Take a breath.  Let’s get that brain working and we can problem solve our way through this.’  It’s nothing too advanced where you’d need 20 years experience of hand-to-hand combat.”

While he’s certainly equipped to handle disastrous situations, Courtley says he’s just glad he’s finally getting to play pretend this time around.  “Some of the stuff I’m doing on camera is a lot closer to my last line of work because it’s dealing with problems that could be potentially deadly.  But I’ll take 80 degrees in Los Angeles any day over 120 in Baghdad.”

ANOTHER GENERATION HEARD FROM:  Lou Diamond Phillips doesn’t mind admitting, “Nepotism is alive and well in the Phillips household.”  Three of Phillips’ four daughters – the elder three — and his wife Yvonne were all seen in his “Love Takes Wing” cable movie of earlier this year, and he says, “The scary thing is, the girls have been bitten by the bug.”  But he doesn’t sound that scared.  “They’re actually good at it,” he says.  “I can see they have natural talent.  It was fun to direct them and see them get it so quickly.”

With reports by Emily-Fortune Feimster