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Nancy Who? Meet ‘Swift Justice’s’ New Judge, Jackie Glass

Jackie Glass

Can Nancy Grace’s syndicated “Swift Justice” show make it without Nancy Grace? 

We’ll soon find out, as the controversial Grace trips off to join  “Dancing With the Stars” — and her “Swift Justice” role is filled by Jackie Glass, known as the judge who presided over O.J. Simpson’s Las Vegas armed robbery case.  

“Timing is everything, and I’m fortunate to have been at the right place with the right skills to do this, at this time in my life, when I am reinventing myself,” says Glass, whose two daughters are now in their twenties, one in grad school, and one an undergrad.    

Glass, whose first show airs Sept. 12, resigned from the Clark County court to take on “Swift Justice.”  She tells us her former colleagues there are “all really encouraging, looking forward to the show.”  And her husband, Las Vegas City Coucilman Steve Wolfson — with whom she spent 12 years in practice at their Wolfson & Glass law firm — understands her schedule, which actually gives her more freedom than before.  “It’s  not nearly the same amount of work I used to do,” she says. 

Glass has been taping episodes of the show all summer, she reports.  In terms of cases, “I do whatever they bring me.  A lot of these cases involve people in relationships — a daughter suing a mother, brothers and sisters suing each other, parents suing children, cousins and uncles, landlords and tenants, ex-fiancees, boyfriends and girlfriends…There’s a lot of passion in these people.”  There are also animal attack cases involving dogs and cats, and for those, Glass says, the animals involved are present on the set.   

“I haven’t been surprised as far as the actual work, I think because of my background.  Having previously been a journalist on TV, that certainly prepared me for some aspects of this,” says Glass, who left broadcasting to go into law.  And more recently, “my work as a judge, particularly in the last year, when I ran the drug court and the DUI court, certainly prepared me.”  She’s wise enough to know that court shows “are totally personality-driven.  What people will see on TV is the real Jackie Glass.  I’m not shy.  I’m very straightforward.  I have a sense of humor, and I tell it like it is.”

So does she foresee going off to do “Dancing With the Stars” some day?  Glass laughs and says she’s not going to — er — rule out anything.

Nancy Grace Showing Different Side in ‘Swift Justice’

Nancy Grace

It will be interesting to see how her supporters and – especially – her detractors respond to legal lightning rod Nancy Grace’s “Swift Justice” show that debuts Monday (9/13) in daytime syndication.  The show trades in the standard faux courtroom for a glowing Lucite-appointed set that could be the envy of a starship captain, and utilizes cutting-edge techno whiz-bangery — like gigantic monitors to bring in witnesses, experts and litigants from afar via Skype-like “polycoms.”

But the biggest deal is Grace herself.

Referring to her “Nancy Grace” show on Headline News, she tells us she’s been asked, “’Why don’t you smile more?  Why aren’t you more lighthearted?’  Well, talking about missing children and homicides, I don’t feel like turning on a big fake smile,” she says.  “One of the things I like about ‘Swift’ is, there’s something for me to laugh about every day.”

Also, “This is a whole different arena for me.  I’ve always dealt with criminal justice – homicides, kidnappings.  These cases are civil,” notes the former prosecutor.  They run the gamut of not-so-civil civil disagreements, from wedding reception ruiners to compulsive gamblers to a show biz flim-flammer out to get money from gullible seniors and teens — with Grace meting out swift justice as she sees fit.

If all goes as she hopes, she’ll continue to do both her HLN show and “Swift Justice.”  That’s despite the fact that she and her husband of three years, investment banker David Linch (cq), have two-year-old twins Lucy and John at home.   How does she manage?

“I’m on my way to the HLN show right now, soaking wet because I just bathed the twins,” she reports by phone with a laugh.   She also says that when “Swift Justice” is filming, her parents come and stay at her home to help out.

“I enjoy it so much, I don’t really want a break.  The way the producers have it have configured it for me, I get to be with my twins, and work.  I grew up with a mom who was a working mom, and so was hers.  My grandma that helped raise me, she worked.  They had it hard, really, really hard — where they wouldn’t get home until late in the evening.  My dad worked the night shift.  And I grew up seeing them working very hard.  I was proud my mom worked,” she says, “and I want my son and daughter to be proud of me, too.”