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Tanna Frederick Tries Out Life as a Dog

Tanna Frederick

Red-tressed “Queen of the Lot” star Tanna Frederick made a New Year’s wish to get back on stage, she tells us – and, lo and behold, a last-minute opportunity presented itself to take on the lead role of the title dog in A.R. Gurney’s “Sylvia,” opening tonight (1/14) at the Sierra Madre playhouse outside L.A..

“It’s a role I’ve been wanting to play for a long time.  This play was originally written for Sarah Jessica Parker, who did it in New York.  It’s the most charming story about a dog’s relationship to its owner.  This husband brings a dog home, the wife doesn’t want the dog. and it really becomes this love triangle,” reports Tanna.

She’s prepared for the role by – what else? – hanging out with her dog, a Shiba Inu “that looks like a little wolf.  She gets distracted easily.  She can smell people from, like, a block away. She’s always hungry, always wants to be petted.”

Tanna reports there will be a special performance benefiting the ASPCA Feb. 3.

By then, she’ll be preparing for another stage role, at L.A.’s Edgemar Center for the Arts.  “It’s called ‘Afterlife,’ and it’s very serious and difficult material, completely different material from ‘Sylvia.’”  She’ll be rehearsing “Afterlife” by day, romping around as a dog by night.