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Years of Ill Will Finally Catching Up to Schwarzenegger?

Here we are in the first week of October, and already it appears we have a shoo-in for our annual Thanksgiving time Tacky Taste Awards!
The sorry spectacle of Arnold Schwarzenegger hyping his own sordid story in a desperate comeback bid – adding yet more embarrassment to the lifetime share he’s already heaped on his children and soon-to-be ex-wife Maria Shriver — let us hope this can’t be topped by any other tacky behavior in the next few weeks. His too-taut face showed no real remorse when he told Lesley Stahl on “60 Minutes” that it was the “stupidest thing” he’d ever done to have an affair with his family’s household maid – as if it had been a one-night stand rather than a relationship that spanned years. But then, he never was much of an actor, and these days, the Botox and who-knows-what-else he’s had done have stiffened up his facial features to the point that feigning remorse had to have been extra hard.
With the Daily Beast and other media outlets reporting “facts” in Schwarzenegger’s book that don’t jibe with his own timeline, it would seem his tell-all lacks veracity, shall we say.
Response to Schwarzenegger’s book blitz has been mostly negative around Hollywood, we find. The years of accumulated ill will may finally be catching up to him. Schwarzenegger’s mean “humor” at others’ expense has been widely experienced. He used intimidation to get people to conform to his wishes in the movie world and no doubt in Sacramento as well – as evidenced by the many who’ve crossed paths with him who talk about being afraid of him. He was quick to get his attorney on the phone to threaten legal action against those of us who dared to ask questions he didn’t like.
How could Californians ever have elected this man governor?
If tackiness were deemed a criminal act, Schwarzenegger could be thrown in prison.
HAPPY HALLOWEENIE: Esteemed actor Martin Landau had a blast reuniting with his “Ed Wood” director Tim Burton on Disney’s stop motion animation gem, “Frankenweenie” that opens tomorrow (10/5). “A good director creates a playground for the actors and Tim does that,” notes Landau, who always seems to have several assignments going, in addition to heading the Hollywood branch of the Actor’s Studio.
Landau plays the science teacher (he looks like Vincent Price) that inspires young Victor Frankenstein in the black and white movie that’s sure to be a hit. He’s one of several stars of past Burton movies summoned back by the filmmaker, including Winona Ryder, Martin Short and Catherine O’Hara.
He’s been going all-out to help promote the movie, including sitting for a Q&A session following an advance IMAX screening. That’s a pretty hectic life for anyone, and all the more impressive considering Landau is 84. But, as he made it clear to us, he has no intention of retiring “as long as I’m perpendicular….My energy is terrific. I like being busy as an actor.”